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City Repair's Earth Day 2005 needs Your Help!

Hellos to All!
Less than 10 days to go before Earth Day and we still need your help! The big event is Saturday, April 23 from 10 AM to 10 PM at Sunnyside Environmental School (SE 34th Ave and Yamhill). Volunteers are needed as early as today! Please see below for all the volunteer opportunities that are available.

To all organizations: Our booth list is full and we are encouraging any organizations that have not signed up for a table to connect with another organization that has already registered to share a table. Please email Bridget at bridges [at] easystreet.com for more information.

According to this week's Earth Day meeting, "We are larger than a block party" and have 3 streets closed off around Sunnyside Environmental School. Three stages for music and fun, kid's village, lots and lots of community organizations and of course, YOU!

bob and katrina
program coordinator and volunteer coordinator
the city repair project
Earth Day Community Celebration
Saturday, April 23 from 10am-10pm
Sunnyside Environmental School (SE 34th Ave. and Yamhill St., Portland, OR)
For more info: Robyn Shanti, PR Coordinator 503 232-2943

Earth Day 2005: A Celebration of Localization - "Weaving the Community Web"
The City Repair Project, in collaboration with a wide range of community organizations, local businesses, artists, schools and individuals, is offering a unique way to celebrate Earth Day 2005 in Portland. Some highlights of this family oriented event include:
70+ booths of local sustainable businesses and environmental organizations
A local farmer's market and organic food vendors
Better Transportation Fair featuring bikes, bio-diesel, and other forms of green transportation
Kid's Village: a collaborative effort of many educational and artistic organizations including the students of Sunnyside Environmental School who co-created it and features face-painting, crafts, music and storytelling.
3 Stages for music and performances featuring diverse local performers and run by Ethos, a nationally recognized Portland nonprofit organization focused on music education
Health & Wellness area featuring holistic health practitioners offering massage, consultations, and other services
Conscious construction and green building site design including the "Tea Palace" and "T-horse"
Service projects throughout the City in conjunction with SOLV
Friends of Trees annual fruit tree giveaway

Call The City Repair Project: 503-235-8946 or email  katrina@cityrepair.org

Flyers/Posters: (Today till Earth Day - April 23)
Its time to start spreading the word! Please come pickup some flyers at The City Repair Project HQ (2122 SE Division) and send the message out to places that you are passionate about!

Construction (Set-up/Tear-down):
We need lots of people to come and help setting up (Tue, April 18th through Sat, April 23) and tearing down (Sun, April 24). There are tons of places to help projects starting at 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. Come help for a couple hours to all day. Every ounce of help here is deeply appreciated, and you get fed for your work! Meet at the Sunnyside Environmental School: SE 34th/Yamhill, and call our office: 503-235-8946.

Pick up Tents:
We will need 10-12 volunteers to pick up the Raw Foods Tents on Wed or Thur next week and a very large truck. Time needed: 5 hours

Cleaning pillows and rugs: (Sat, April 16 10am-2pm or sometime next week)
This only takes a few hours one day, we need to steam clean the pillows and rugs and take them to the cleaners so the pillow fights can be fresh! Make the pillow scene clean.

Food Donations: (Wed, April 20 - Sat, April 23)
Getting food for our hungry volunteers for the 3 days of set up (Wed, April 20 through Sat, April 23) and tear down on Sun, April 24. We have the numbers to call businesses - we just need you to call them and pick up the food- or get a team to help you!

Better Transportation Fair: Fri, April 22 (5:30-7pm)
Help set-up the alternative transportation station and learn more about bio-diesel, bikes, and more! Contact Brad Crowley for more info rainsystem [at] yahoo.com

EARTH DAY (Sat, April 23): Day of Earth Day opportunities
Meet at the Sunnyside Environmental School: SE 34th/Yamhill (10 AM to 10 PM)

Earth Day information Booth (Sat, April 23)
Keeping everyone informed on what is going on with this event, and what City Repair is all about. The people in the booth will be the most knowledgeable on the Earth Day activities and directing traffic to the bathrooms, first aid, etc. Shifts will be 2 hours per person.

T-Palas & T-Bike (Sat, April 23)
Serve tea for a shift or two under our beautifully designed Tea house. Its a fun, easy job where you get to converse with lots of people, keep the place clean, do dishes and serve tea. Shifts will be 2 hours per person.

Parking/Traffic control (Sat, April 23)
Set-up signs, working with neighbors/ neighbor relations, direct traffic, parking. Shifts will be 2 hours per person.

Recycling team (Sat, April 23)
Work with our favorite recycling man, Markin, keeping the grounds clean and conscious.

Raffle people (Sat, April 23)
Walk around and get donations from people that go towards our Earth Day expenses, and raffle things away!

Better Transportation Fair (Sat, April 23)
Come make the Better Transportation Fair better than ever. The area needs help in the bike zone - contacting bicycle collectives and activists, as well as other alternative transportation means. This project needs help organizing and set-up/tear down at Earth Day. Not only do you get to help further the cause - less pollution - but you learn a whole lot as well!!! Contact Brad Crowley for more info rainsystem [at] yahoo.com

Silent auction (Sat, April 23) 10am-4pm
We will need 2 volunteers (per shift) and they can work in two hour shifts 10-12, 12-2, 2-4 and then 4-6 we need about 4 people.

Call The City Repair Project: 503-235-8946 or email  katrina@cityrepair.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org
phone: phone: 503-235-8946