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Indy Media Activist Running For Office

Michael Cavlan RN, a long time Indy Media Journalist and activist is running for the US Senate in Minnesota in 2006.
Cavlan, who will at times use the noume-de-guerre of GreenPartyMike is planning to seek the Green Party nomination for the Senate race.

Part of the campaign platform is that the corporate media can no longer be trusted and has lost all credibility, which is not news to fellow Indymediaistas, Peace and Global Justice activists or any member of the Trade Union community who have ever stood on picket duty during a strikeor was present during the WTO protests an Seattle or NAFTA protests in Miami.

The Cavlan for Senate campaign are planning to run an aggressive and well thought stategy, including breaking past the corporate media blockade. This includes opening the discussion on the implications of the Ohio Re-Count and will include the Kerry/Edwards response to the potential theft of the election and loss of integrity for our voting system. Cavlan was one of the official Re-Count observers who went to Ohio, in Seneca and Erie Counties.

Please feel free to check out the website for the campaign and yes, give a little cash, if you can afford it and like what we are doing. We are planning a serious campaign.

There is a movement coming and some of us can feel the wind. Many are now starting to wake up and rejecting the "blue pill" of the corporate media and corporate parties. Many of us are beginning to chose the red pill. There is no turning back now.

Cavlan is notorious for his spelling errors and understands he needs spellchecker.

homepage: homepage: http://www.michaelcavlan.org