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To Those Who Support Governor Arnold’s Racist Minutemen and Bush’s Wars

For every Minuteman who has not enlisted someone dies in your stead; is wounded for your idiotic Patriotic beliefs; some "woman" dies in your "manly
place." For every white American Republican Christian who has not enlisted for Iraq, and without courage supports the war someone dies in your place!
Elite Ubermensch
Elite Ubermensch
We are witness to an old and ugly beast rearing its horrendous head here in the land of the preening free and the home of false Bravado. The world is
watching dumbfounded as Americans throw away what little freedoms are left; trashing the Bill of Rights and willing to become Bush's and Arnold's
willing executioners. Hate and intolerance isn't on the rise, it is now The Way. One stand-out is white Uber-clown, Roger Hedgecrotch, San Diego's latest
leader of the local media brown-shirts. That is what the Brown Shirts were first - Media - pamphleteers on a soap box bullying one and all.
Now here comes the entirely illegal movement called the Minutemen, patrolling Arizona's borders and welcomed into California by its idiot Governor
Arnold with typical narcissistic nuance, stating "I think they've done a terrific job, ... They've cut down the crossing of illegal immigrants a huge percentage."
As Hitler did in Weimar, will he stamp these illegal militia racists legal as Hitler did the Brown Shirts? That is where the Brown Shirts got their start.
Does Arnold believe these armed paramilitary groups being organized under their own command and control system are legal? Is he that stupid? The legal
unorganized militia can only be called-up by the President of the United States for federal duty or by the respective Governors of each state. Or is his Party
handler George Schultz an ill-advised advisor. Arnold, you too were once an immigrant; you too had to learn English; you too would have been just as
unwelcome an illegal if it were not for your entirely narcissistic self-absorbed preening area of "work" (and I use the term work entirely tongue in cheek).
Maybe you have a Christian self-Righteous Republican ridiculous rabble in California mesmerized into thinking you are an achiever, but we all know
you cannot even act! Your talent agency provided you with every piece of advice for every endeavor your over-paid dumb-ass ever received. You are no
self-made man. Like so many "actors," Arnold, is acting still: his role? idiot front man for George Schultz. (One of the most corrupt elite Ubermensch's to
walk the streets during our declining racist Kulture Kamph.) We have seen this all before!
As for the so-called Minutemen: Nobody "invited" these overweight dead-beats nor "called them-up" to serve; they are the very same crackpots who
formed militias and gave us Timothy McVeigh and lunatic charlatans like John Trochman of the Militia of Montana. They are illegal according to the U.S.
Constitution, period. They are illegal according to federal and state statute, period. They are racist to the core: Mexicans are no more taking American's jobs
than beggars are! They are in fact one of the only pool of labor left who will even do the jobs that fat-assed lazy white Republican American Christians will
not do at any price! The fact is these Mexicans the Minisculemen want out, are the only ones with a work-ethic at all in America.
Minisculemen is meant literally, as they are those suffering low-self-esteem because they do not matter and must get their identity carrying guns around
and intimidating Mexican women, children and old men looking for work; they are gang-bangers, period. These pseudo-Macho-mice would have you
believe these poor Mexicans crossing the border are terrorists, enemies of America, guerrillas and suicide bombers. They know full well these are unarmed
innocents; victims awaiting these willing executioners. Unsurprisingly these white-boys are cowards! How do we know? All bullies are cowards, that is
why they show up in numbers armed! Every lynch mob are cowards; every gang, clique, brotherhood or clan are cowards. We have seen this all before!
If these minisculemen were men at all they would have already enlisted and be patrolling the mean-streets of Baghdad, Mosul and Sadr City. All of them
17-39 years old could have enlisted on 9/11 in the Marines, U.S. Army (Go Airborne!); those 40 to 55 would already be hired to perform such security
duties in Iraq and Afghanistan by Blackwater and the other 22 corporate security firms pulling ops in hostile lands.
No: instead, who's in Iraq and Afghanistan, besides the poorest whites? Legal and illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere who joined the Army, Marines,
Navy and even the Rangers to fight Bush's illegal wars. That is correct: According to the Pentagon "Approximately 30,000 active duty and 11,000
Guard and Reserve personnel are non-U.S. citizens. Over 20,000 military personnel have become U.S. citizens since September 11, 2001 and approximately
5,000 military personnel have citizenship applications currently being processed. At the beginning of these wars of deliberation and 9/11, over
60,000 members of the armed forces were and are, non-U.S. citizens from Mexico and elsewhere. (Source: Prepared Statement of The Honorable David S.
C. Chu, Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) Before the Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee "Active and Reserve Military
and Civilian Personnel Programs" April 5, 2005 page 29) Every member of the Minutemen should be immediately drafted into the Army and Reserves and
sent to Iraq; once they have pulled a tour in Baghdad they can rotate back and patrol the borders as Reservists called-up legally by Arnold. Unlike the
Mexicans who are not U.S. citizens in our active duty forces these white boys should die for their country rather than some "other" who dies in their place!
For every Minuteman who has not enlisted someone dies in your stead; is wounded for your idiotic Patriotic beliefs; some "woman" dies in your "manly
place." For every white American Republican Christian who has not enlisted for Iraq, and without courage supports the war someone dies in your place!
Yes "these aliens" certainly did take "these jobs" from United States white-boy citizens who are too afraid to serve their country in time of war. But will
patrol safely "at home" against unarmed women and children, because they hate brown folk. There's some armed brown folk I'd like introduce you to in the
Middle East. You white gang-bangers are sickening, you are not Americans! And we have seen this all before!
I respect my Mexican brothers and sisters who heeded the call to arms from our White House and White President to fight a war they didn't start!.......
You Support the War? Enlist Now!
—Craig B Hulet? Quinault Rain Forest May 2005
_____________________________________________________________________________________AN OPEN LETTER: Sponsored by www.kcandassociates.org & Craig B Hulet? The Author will be speaking at Wyndham Commerce Hotel,
Commerce CA: Friday July 8th, 7:30PM:
Craig B Hulet was Special Assistant for Special Projects to Congressman Jack Metcalf (Retired); he is periodically a consultant to federal law enforcement ATF&E of Justice/Homeland
Security; he has written four books on international relations and philosophy, his latest is The Hydra of Carnage: Bush's Imperial War-making and the Rule of Law - An Analysis of the
Objectives and Delusions of Empire. Mr. Hulet served in Vietnam 1969-70, 101st Airborne, C Troop 2/17th Air Cav graduated 3rd in his class at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance
School MOS 45J20 Weapons. He has written and spoken on these militia groups and is considered an expert by federal law-enforcement. He remains a corporate security consultant.

homepage: homepage: http://www.craigbhulet.com
phone: phone: 360-288-2652
address: address: P.O. Box 710, Amanda Park WA 98526

2 pesos 06.May.2005 19:03


These people (deporties)contribute 7 billion $'s to social security each year.Plant, maintain, & harvest all of the food we eat and sell.And a host of other work and services no one is willing or can do.They should be honored. Check this out  http://www.mykeru.com/weekly/2005_0410_0416.html#uberpig

some honoring, with a lawless caste structure of labor 07.May.2005 10:34


The only rationale for elites wanting illegal aliens in the USA is that it lowers the whole wage structure, and it sets people against each other--allowing the elites to rule by divide and conquer. It additionally keeps them from working toward democracy in their homelands, making it easier for the USA to dominate their home contries when these labor refugees are always fleeing instead of standing to fight and organize.

The increased split wage structure around citizens, visa holders, and illegal aliens in the USA puts a whole framework of labor into a context where they have no rights and can be deported at will whenever they complain; furthermore, it shifts everything towards a labor framework similar to a caste framework as labor rights are eroded for all.

You call this honoring them? No wonder it is going on for a quite a while (started in 1954, with the lack of labor laws around corporations in Puerto Rico, I think). The U.S. is being intentionally dismantled economically and the sheep are busy calling each other down for "racism". Sheesh.

Worldwide Robbery 07.May.2005 15:39

causing poverty

As the desparate run from the chaos and oppression from their birth countries they bring the same conditions here. It is ironic that no one talks about the conditions from which they run and how to correct that inequity in their home countries. No, instead it is the struggling workers of the US who are asked to bear this burden or be accused of lacking in compassion, as we see our thin margin from poverty slipping away.

The workers of America do not owe the entire impoverished world our hard earned resources. The world's elite are robbing everyone. Blaming Americans for fighting this invasion is seriously counterproductive.