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KATU Exploits Death of Occupation Victim

KATU News has been at the local forefront as a shameless apologist for the diabolical drive towards the twisted neo-conservative vision of a PAX Americana. KATU has consistently trumpeted government backed propaganda creations such as the Jessica Lynch fable, the Pat Tillman fairytale, the heavily staged toppling of the Saddam statue, and the many Iraq 'WMD' and 'ties to terrorism' hoaxes.
Paving the Way For the Empire!  Ignorance is Strength!
Paving the Way For the Empire! Ignorance is Strength!
Iraqi Girl After Trigger-Happy US Murder Her Entire Family; KATU Don't  Care
Iraqi Girl After Trigger-Happy US Murder Her Entire Family; KATU Don't Care
KATU News has a well-established history of systematically demonizing and minimizing dissenting views that oppose the mass murder, maiming, torture, poisoning, and ongoing humiliation of an estimated 100,000 plus innocent civilians in Iraq. KATU News instead works routinely to justify the mounting list war crimes that are being committed daily in Iraq by the occupying forces. By propping up the duped participants in the Iraq invasion as heroes, KATU attempts to help Americans feel good about the ongoing slaughter of Iraqis.

One recent example is a story entitled 'Emotional photo shows local soldier carrying dying child'. While completely ignoring the daily butchering of Iraqi children by US troops, KATU exploits the death of a little girl in a naked effort to justify the ongoing unjustifiable, criminal occupation of Iraq.

"There have been a few famous war pictures over the years. From the raising of the flag in Iwo Jima, to the picture of a South Vietnamese police chief executing a North Vietnamese prisoner of war. Now, there is a new picture from Iraq.", writes the author of the KATU News article. "The picture shows a U.S. soldier cradling a dying Iraqi child. He is rushing her to the hospital, trying desperately to save her life."

Meanwhile, KATU remains silent about the multitudes of Iraqi children that have been killed and maimed by American cluster bombs, suffer from severe and often deadly bouts of diarrhea caused by the deplorable conditions present in many parts of Iraq as a result of the botched illegal invasion, and the increasing number of birth defects and cancer rate in Iraq that have likely been largely a result of the illegal distribution of the thousands of tons of radioactive waste that US forces have spread around the Iraqi landscape, in the form of depleted uranium tipped ammunition.

KATU does its best to mask the mounting humiliating US military defeat Iraq (and Afghanistan), and to help their audience rationalize the ongoing atrocities demonstrated by US military members of the illegal Iraq occupation. KATU takes advantage of any opportunity to falsely tie Iraq to terrorism, and demonize the members of the legitimate Iraqi resistance to the illegal US crusade. They eagerly publish any 'Zarqawi Alert' they come across, even though more informed people are aware that Zarqawi Saga is most likely a CIA/Mossad generated effort aimed at discreditting and reducing support for the Iraqi resistance.

So far, the US efforts to divide Iraq by attempting to foment a civil war there have been yet another complete failure- despite the implementation of death squads, and a multibillion dollar propaganda budget. KATU's enthusiastic cheerleading of the invasion is a grave breach of the public trust, and plenty enough reason to revoke their broadcasting license. Their subsequent rationalization of atrocities and apparent misrepresentation of the whole situation would seem to make them criminally complicit in the corresponding war crimes.
Send them a message 08.May.2005 10:55


Why not send them a message and ask them about it?


nothing new here 08.May.2005 11:03


it should be of no surprise that our television stations, which happen to be owned by businessmen, are actively supporting our countries pro-business, pro-war, anti-human approach to foreign affairs. KATU, or Fox, or any other television station is not going to change their bias coverage, no matter how loud we complain about........ an excellent resource about this topic is the amazing documentary, 'The Revolution will not be Televised' which is a great tool for anybody interested in news/politics/reality. Those of whom are in power, will do anything/everything to keep their power, even if it means gassing protesters, killing Iraqi's, and especially lying to you about it all while it's happening. Power is very well organized, planning it's moves in advance, using every tool in it's possession; and what are we doing? We are marching through empty streets, pleading for a peace that will never come, not understanding why we are being ignored.

BUT....... 08.May.2005 11:34

Theirmen leg

BUT at least I know all about the Michael Jackson trial, runaway brides and the weather.
Ignorance is bliss!

My comments 08.May.2005 14:04


I contacted KATU, and told them my opinion. This is what I sent them.

Dear KATU: I just wanted to ask why. Why are you doing this to America. You respect the murders yet you lable the heroes as terrorists. We are just trying to stop the killings and you are making the killing look as if it is the right thing to do. I just want to know why. Please KATU, I'm begging you, please just stop the lies. Tell the truth about Iraq. About the soldiers killing the families. Please KATU, tell the truth about the police brutality in the streets of Portland. Please KATU, tell the truth about our government. Please KATU, tell the truth. Our news is dying, why cant you just reach for a breath of air. I will watch the news, I will get all of my friends to watch the news, I will get my whole community to watch the news if you put all the big corporations funding behind you and just tell the truth. Forget about the right wing for just one second. This is not hate mail, it is just an offer. Believe what your heart tells you, not what the money in your hand tells you. I'm begging you KATU, Please tell the truth.

I advise you do the same. If they dont stop we shall make them, until then make an offer to them.

Long live the truth! peAcE

I'll help organize 08.May.2005 15:48

meia accountability kikasmofo@yahoo.com

Where's the demo? When's the demo?

When do we start planning?

Sure 08.May.2005 22:10


Wait a week, and then the planning shall begin. Honestly, I hate the corporate media. I'd do anything in my power to try to stop KATU from preaching lies. Contact as many people as you know. I will too. I advise this to everyone on indymedia. STOP KATU!

. 08.May.2005 22:20


The heros family...look like Hitler Youth.
The heros family...look like Hitler Youth.

what do you want to do about it? 09.May.2005 00:46

get'n busy kikasmofo@yahoo.com

so let's all do a demo at main steam media. all we need is 50 or so to turn out and surround the building. some can hand out leafelets, some could hold signs and some could do . . . whatever. or not.

but it's time to take back the media, i say. it dosn't matter if you are woking for social justice, ecconomic justice or environmental justice. the justice movement needs to engage the lazy media and shame them into doing their job.

some more info 09.May.2005 06:27


on your way

some more info 09.May.2005 06:31


Follow the way to hate and katu people

1 million acres of Oregon public forests opened up to logging 09.May.2005 21:06

MEdgar Evers

I also sent a message to KATU channel 2 "where the news never gets through"
imploring them to "do the right thing" and be honest. I also mentioned in my email that on that same evening they ran a 30 second blurb about how the Bush admin. recently opened up 1 million acres to logging and development in Oregons' forests which were previosly protected under Clinton's moratorium on roadbuilding in Oregons' national forests (a campaign I worked on so dilegently with OSPIRG for one summer). No mention of how frik'n devestating this will be to the environment and animal habitat. No video of logging or images of clearcuts. Just a few bland statements as though they thought that was "good nough" to satisfy the spineless liberals. They did manage to mention that Governors have 18 months to petition against this. So I urge you fellow Oregonianites to email Kulongoswski and urge him to petition against this blasphamy!

The WORST is yet to come - ready your battlestations!

whats up with the grip'n 10.May.2005 00:06

common people kikasmofo@yahoo.com

lets get up and do something. Remember how good it felt to be strong. remember Seattle?

We were before. we can do it again.

Everyone hates the media!

so get your friends,

the forest people,

the peacenicks,

Those anti-Hate

people who are tired

of the harm caused by media

lies, ignorance and arrogance.

everyone hates the
media. lets
build a

Ok what now?? 10.May.2005 11:52

Gabe gabepeace@hotmail.com

I agree with all of you. I hate the corprate media too. However all I hear is a bunch of bi!ching. WHat are we going to do? When are we going to do it? How many people are on board? Who do I contact? feal free to e-mail me at gabepeace@hotmail.com/ Ya Basta!

what it would take. . . 10.May.2005 12:44

tired of wait'n kikasmofo@yahoo.com

a group of 3 people could set up a media accountability demo in no time. just need the regular contributions, which are: target and time, message definition, outreach to interested groups/public/press and events planning.

who wants to help?

innocent children 01.Jun.2005 15:36

upset and appauled

I think this is just horrible. What if the iraq people were over here killing our innocent children. It would only make matters worse. So by killing innocent children is not only unhuman but is never going to make peace. When will the madness stop?