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1592 Dead U.S. Soldiers bushco doesn't care!

Thought I'd post this image I cut from  http://www.bartcop.com Print it if you want and place it on the back windows of your vehicle and go drive around some chruches.
Thought I'd share this image with all of you good folk shere at portland indy media. I can't help but think about all those whom lost their lifes by a lie repeated over and over to make those in this country want to vote for the likes of bushco.

The Iraqis had nothing to do with the events of September 11, 2001, no WMD's! No Nukes! Nothing but samll arms to protect themselves and their country. That's all that was left after the invasion in 1991. No airforce, no navy; just an army to fight with.

Then I read where the Democrats were kinked out of some NC church just for being Democrats. Damn it all anyway.

Then we have those creepy little bigot hackers in planio, tx. You know, that little boy brat bret chance at collin creek community college hacking into a lot of servers and braging about at some other site. Someone should pay them a visit (hopefully the law).

How many more human lives have to be lost before this country wakes up and finds themsselves in real trouble with the rest of the planet?

bushco wants first strike for nuclear weapons. If that happens people, it will be just a matter of time before another nuclear power decides to attack us for attacking another country with nuclear weapons. When that does happen you can kiis your ass good bye.

Thanks bushco, thanks pat robertson, jerry falwell and others like yoursevlves, for making the planet a war zone and unsafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so glad you care 07.May.2005 10:51

me too

George Bush and so many others that I run into on the Internet do not care. The lousy media rated 24th in the world for "a free press" won't help us out to get ordinary citizens aware of the LIES. Tell everyone you know to watch C-span2 at 2:30 today for replay of Griffins 9-11 lecture. Might be convincing to the ordinary citizen. Maybe check c-span2 schedule for any time changes.

that is a lot of us soldier deaths, but... 07.May.2005 15:27


as many as 100,000 (and counting) iraqi deaths have occurred.