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9.11 investigation

Griffin Round #2

CSPAN does it again
David Ray Griffin's 911 speech at the U. of Wisconsin was repeated this morning on CSPAN. I told a friend, the wife of a Republican bigshot back East, to watch it. She called back when it ended and said she's not surprised. She can't wait to show the videotape she made to her Bush-supporting husband. Wish I could see his face. The speech was on in more of a prime-time spot this time around, 1:30 p.m. Eastern, so there's no doubt it was seen by a lot more viewers than the first broadcast. The fact this is being allowed to play on CSPAN at all is a fascinating development in itself. The mainstream media's wall of silence is being breeched, or being allowed to be breached. Simply awesome.
David Ray Griffin at U.W.-Madison Monday 4/18/05 on 9/11 07.May.2005 23:21

whoopee (no relation to Goldberg)

David Ray Griffin at U.W.-Madison Monday 4/18/05 on 9/11

This is an incredible look at 9/11. I strongly suggest downloading it if you can, burning it on a CD and sharing it with as many friends and collegues as possible before it is yank off line from public view.


=>  http://911blogger.fileburst.com/videos/griffin_madison_full_155.wmv

=>  http://911blogger.fileburst.com/videos/griffin_madison_full_25.wmv

"as you spread this please give credit back to 911blogger.com, enjoy! :) please do NOT link direclty to the file, but rather to this topic" (  http://www.911blogger.com/2005/04/proper-release-of-griffin-in-madison.html ).

Warning: the above URLs are BOGUS 08.May.2005 10:12


Warning: the above URL is BOGUS

The above url leads to a site called '911blogger' which is spreading disinformation about 9/11 by hosting the Griffin video with a huge amt of bandwidth and linking to the worst bogus and right-wing sites in existance.

The site seems to be the classic disinfo mix - massive bandwidth and a very slick site that suddenly 'appears' on the scene and is the ONLY conduit to see the new David Ray Griffin video from CSPAN.

As is typical, the webmaster is somehow just another -- 'amateur,' -- and so, doesn't seem to realize that the links and information he's leading people to is all about PODS, MISSILES, HOLOGRAMS, NO COMMERCIAL JETS, etc. - the worst disinfo (mixed with the best so he can claim he's 'just linking to everyone).

If you had a website, would you just 'link to everyone'?? Would you link to Karl Rove's site?? That's what this is equivalent to in the 9/11 movement.

This is how it works.

Don't support this site.

Learn about disinfo here:


hmm 08.May.2005 10:32


I couldn't find any information on that site that appeared to be *bogus*. All I could find was many articles showing that the Bush and cronies have been lying all along.

Bogus items 08.May.2005 22:46


Bogus item #1


All of these DVDs promote debunked nonsense about 9/11 and they are being pushed on this site. The webmaster will wave his hands and say - 'but I promote a LOT of things on my site,' knowing full well that promoting hardcore disinfo along with real info does not help the movement at all.

Bogus item #2

Karl Schwartz - the site promotes Schwartz when he links - also - to tons of disinfo of the worst kind, like Letsroll911 which promotes PODS and MISSILES - with the same sorry excuses that 'we just link to *everyone*'

If YOU had a website, would YOU link to *everyone,* regardless of content??? If so, then Indymedia should be linking to the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, etc., you know, just for more hits, right? How about Fox News, that could drive the Indymedia readership up, right?

That's why the bogus argument that linking to *everyone* and to clear disinfo DVDs doesn't work - its nonsensical.

Bogus Item #3

You spend your time . . . I've spent enough of mine.

hmmm 08.May.2005 23:21


I still don't get it. You claim something is bogus only because you don't want people to make up their own minds of what is true or not? And what is wrong with Karl Schwartz? He tries to find the truth too. Why should he be discredited? To me it sounds like you don't want people to visit that site simply because they may find information that shows that Bush and his cronies lied from the get-go.

to the misguided soul named Reader 09.May.2005 00:03


unfortunately for you, the URL you refer to is NOT repeat NOT bogus. But your attempt to limit the invetigation of 9-11 to ytour agenda is sadly bogus. It includes left wing sites like Chossudovsky's www.globalresearch.org as well as, ironically, oilempire....but i gues you didnt get that far before the inquisitor kicked in.

Is the imformation it present bogus? By claiming that, you are the one spreading disinformation and lies. I suggest you adopt a broader view, be less militant to other investigators and stop behaving like a grand inquisitor.

to reader repost 09.May.2005 00:15

I'm so glad

The TRUTH is coming out. Get out of the way.

it is up to the viewer, not oilempire and mickey roopee 09.May.2005 08:32


911blogger.com blogs alternative 9/11 related news. what you will typically find here are articles about 9/11 from an alternative viewpoint. while this blog focuses on alternative 9/11 related news, it does not seek to force any opinions on the subjects or articles covered. it is up to the viewer of this blog to do their own research, to reach their own opinions, and this blog only seeks to show articles related to 9/11 which argue alternative views surrounding the traggic events of 9/11.

The Primary Goal of 911blogger.com
911blogger.com seeks to fill a void in the blogger community by providing a blog centrally focused on alternative 9/11 related news. breaking through to the blogger community provides an excelent opportunity for 9/11 researchers to reach a wide variety of politically active individuals.

the way that we break through to the blogger community is done a few different ways..

advertising on blogs using blogads.com
referencing 911blogger articles in comments on other blogs*
referencing 911blogger articles in 'open threads' on other blogs*

while #2 and #3 above are up to the viewers of this blog, #1 is up to the contributions to this blog. currently this blog is advertised through a couple blogs, and through other modes of advertising. the more money that is contributed, the more this blog can advertise through blogads.com.. while we are currently advertising on blogs ranging in the $40/week category the main goal of this site would be to gain enough support to advertise on the most popular blogs on the web, which range in the $200+/week range.. these blogs reach millions, and when major 9/11 related news breaks advertising on these sites may help break through to the mainstream..

* it is important to keep in mind that while #1 exposes this site to those who might be unaware of it, #2 and #3 provide the largest wealth of visitors and awareness.. this was abundandly obvious after hosting Griffin's speach on CSPAN.. being referenced on blogs and websites knocked the viewership to 1000 hits a day almost overnight.. if you cant donate to advertising costs you can help spread the word just as well, in fact better than paying for advertising.

please visit 911blogger.com Funding Details for details on the funding and usage of funds for 911blogger.com

About the Author of 911blogger.com
i began my research into 9/11 around September of 2004 after seeing Kyle Hens standup and shout demands for information during a public hearing of the 9/11 commission on CSPAN.. his loud and direct questions surrounding the wargames of 9/11, and pointing out past ties between the CIA and Al-Queda immediately sparked my interest into the subject and made me realize that despite my personal experiences surrounding 9/11 i was not fully aware of the questions surrounding that horrible day.

since that time i have spent months and months researching 9/11 through reading books, watching documentaries, researching 9/11 related articles, etc. etc. only after 3 solid months of research did i come to grips with the possiblity that our government was covering up several disturbing points surrounding 9/11.. in general the average joe is unaware of many different points surrounding 9/11 and has not taken it upon themselves to do the research about 9/11 which it demands.

while most people have their hands full just dealing with day to day life, i am in a position to dedicate my free time to 9/11 related study.. it is quite understandable that most people do not question 9/11, i didnt myself.. only through the efforts of others, kyle hens specifically in my case, will the public come to realise the questions which still remain surrounding that fateful day. i can only hope that i might help bring in other concerned americans to pay attention to 9/11 and join in the effort to ask questions and demand answers.

- dz (author of 911blogger.com)

damned if you do, damned if you dont 09.May.2005 10:12

dz 911blog@gmail.com

i run 911blogger.com. i am a real person. i am trying to promote 9/11 awareness, not appease every freak like this guy who wants to attack anyone and everyone.. i am blogging 9/11 related news, if you dont agree with it you can post constructive comments to my posts saying things like 'you should be aware that this view has these flaws, or blah blah blah'.. i am trying to fill a void of unity and centralized news which is missing right now in the 9/11 movement.. i am also trying to spread the word to get people intrested to do their own research.. i am spending a good amount of money trying to do my part to spread the word, and if i dont deserve any appreciation for that then fine, i will continue to do what i think is right.

if i link to sites you disagree with i am sorry, if i dont cover something you think i should then let me know.. the fact is is that if i tried to conform to everyones view on 9/11 that nothing would ever get done. everyone who runs a 9/11 related site holds a viewpoint on everything on 9/11, and unfortuantely they allow their own views to superceed the more important point, spreading 9/11 related awareness.. i made my blog public to spread 9/11 related news, i do not promote ANY viewpoint.. it is not my job or purpose of my site to force opinions, or take viewpoints, its to blog 9/11 related news, and that should be pretty self explanitory to anyone who knows anything about blogs.

if you actually read my blog you would be hard pressed to find ME advocating ANY viewpoint.. while my personal opinions may come through in my comments my main purpose is to cover ALL alternative viewpoints and let the user come to their own opinions..

this user is making a habit of attacking my site and me personally on every forum he/she can, and that is unfortuante because according this his/her views i can only cover something related to 9/11 if it meets his/her requirements, and that is not something i am willing to do.. i take in everything i read with a grain of salt, and any 9/11 researcher should do the same.

thanks for the support from other members on here, i am doing what i can, and i hope others are too.


sorry? 09.May.2005 12:32

blogger too

"if i link to sites you disagree with i am sorry"

Sorry means you won't do it again.

Hi dz... 09.May.2005 13:43

Tony Blair's dog

don't worry about mr."reader/repost/Already Published".

The chap who use to go under the nicks above
is a well known disinformer here on pdximc.

You can count on his appearance when an article exposing
incriminating evidence against the Bush administration
is posted.

His usual method is to find one single detail in the article
that he can start an argument around thereby locking the
focus of the argument on that detail effectively shadowing
the most interesting information.

Another favourite method he uses is to bring up some outside
topic and then trying to stear the argument away from
the really interesting stuff.

A person trying to distract people from actual article contents
should be watched closely, since he most likely will do the
same thing over and over again when some information is too
close for his or his masters safety.

postcards from the end of the future 10.May.2005 07:04

eyes closed tight

wish you were here

My oh my... 11.May.2005 04:18

Tony Blair's dog

PNAC linked persons
who claim that they saw Flight 77 crash
No - that is your 100% manufactured faith-basd intentionally-crafted misrepresentation- produced by a paid-fraud to divert from the evidence of a U.S. military attack on the Pentagon."


As hawk eyed Roland exposed in the thread "CNN 'DEBUNKS' 911 THEORIES"
Gary Bauer who claimed he saw an "airliner" fly into the Pentagon
is "the same Gary Bauer who signed PNAC's "Statement of Principles."
A neocon par excellance!"


"...to divert from the evidence of a U.S. military attack on the Pentagon."

SO...now you agree that there was a "U.S. military attack on the Pentagon."
and not Flight 77 as you have claimed before?

'What's it gonna be boy?'

The military attack on the Pentagon 17.May.2005 06:58

plane cyteh

The more coherent explanation is that the plane which impacted the Pentagon was a 757, and all the cover-up and fakeries in this affair are intended to mask that this plane carried a military load, this load being an shaped charge, or a composite "Broach" bomb made of a shaped charge combined with an uranium penetrator. The videos showing the crash of the plane onto the front of the building - and there are at least three of them (cctv, Sheraton hotel, Citgo gas station) - would show that the explosion occurs inside the plane during its crash, and this would be the reason why they are hidden.

What would best explain the damage inside the building, the hiding of all the available videos, the process of covering-up with faked images, the oddities in the civil engineers reports, is the hypothesis that the plane contained an agressive warhead based on a shaped charge, perhaps associated to a depleted uranium mass

Bogus Blog on 9/11 17.May.2005 07:04

over and done with

>>"i run 911blogger.com. i am a real person. i am trying to promote 9/11 awareness"

By promoting the fake RICO suit that *no one else* in the 9/11 movememt supports? What exactly are you promoting if you're promoting bogus stuff?

That lawsuit only references a single website in the whole 200 pages: 'Letsroll911'

And guess what Letsroll911 is all about?


MISSILES fired from PODS.

And promotion of the Webfairy (HOLOGRAMS).

Take your bogus blog and go.