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I chose to live my life not seeking riches. I am willing to work for what I need, depend on no one except myself and be responsible for my actions. I pride myself on being a law abiding honest person.
Let me understand this, United States of America is The #1 World Super
Power and the executive branch of this country feels it must show the
strength and power to the rest of the world. The executive branch
knowing they have the power and can't be stopped, wish to change the
world to the economic, capitalistic and materialistic systems we depend
upon to give us a chance to become or stay rich. The end will justify the
means. Is this the end we want?
I make this statement after I listened to Rumsfeld (President Bush's
Cabinet) answer some questions on Television and after I had time to
ponder what he said. During this brief cable watching attention, I heard
two phrases that give me more questions. INTERNATIONAL

I chose to live my life not seeking riches. I am willing to work for what I
need, depend on no one except myself and be responsible for my actions.
I pride myself on being a law abiding honest person. Because I want to
be capable of living my life as I chose doing no harm to another human
being, I must understand that I must allow others to live their life the way
they choose. I know right from wrong so I am self regulating.

I know that the only person that can make me happy is me, so I wake in
the morning with the decision to be happy or not. I would like to live my
life without government interference.

If the bottom line is money and taking from others, I do not wish to
support or really be a part of this greedy egotistical polluting society. It
appears that so many have bought into.

Being educated, I see the manipulation of facts, the changing of meaning
of words, using the excuse that if there is no law against it, it is ok until a
law is made against it, signing treaty's with exemptions from prosecution
as part of the old con artist game. It seems very blatant of our government
to exempt themselves from self regulating, I see murder, blackmail,
thievery and deceivers. There use to be laws against this.

The 911 was an attack on our government buildings, we now attack cities
and countries with oil; not living or being near any of these places gives
me a chance to be a little safer.

US military bases have been built around the oil all over the world and
reaching for more. Pre-emptive strikes means to hit first, and George W
justifications for doing so appears to be greed based. Saying God is
speaking to him so he can get the churches behind him on this is very
disturbing to me. The religious crowd has let me down, they preach the
thou shalt not, but don't seem to live it as I try to do.

I want everyone deprogrammed, they all seem to be brainwashed, Lying,
deceit, greed etc... is wrong not an attribute. Start thinking for yourself. If
Police are being told to see how much pain protesters can stand, we may
need to figure another way to protest against these blatant wrongs.

There must be more like me out there, I have only met a couple in my life
so far, but must be more.

I have reregister as a non-party affiliated so I can show my objection to
these money hungry groups.
like minds 08.May.2005 21:06

greg snyder

I think you might be surprised how many people share similar observations and disgust and outrage for just how wrong the American "experiment" has gone. In the USA, Profit = God. People who work are despised by investors who make their living manipulating money and who never do any work themselves. They and their lobbyists are the ones in control of the government and the economy. They are the ones making all the decisions for the vast majority of Americans who don't really participate in political discussion. The power brokers in America, the politicians and business "leaders" have joined forces with the "religious" self-interest groups who want to completely control the hearts and minds of ordinary Americans. They do this posing as having values. But their values are perverted. They call themselves Christian, but they act anything but Christian. They have perverted the teachings of Christ beyond all recognition. And they do this with heavy handed techniques and a great deal of derision for American institutions such as the constitution and the separation of church and state. I fault these groups, the "religious" right, the very conservative politicians who have taken over national and local politics (often via the pulpit of countless conservative churches across the country), the rich who in their greed and selfishness have built what may seem to be an impenetrable fortress to protect themselves, their holdings, etc.. They have lobbyists who take care of them and see to it that their interests are protected. They have a Congress and Senate that play by rules of lust and greed themselves. When have our senators and representatives ever seriously sat down to talk about true reform? When have they ever sat down to change the rules so that they would no longer have their hands out and be beholded to so many special interests at the expense of their constituents? America calls itself a Superpower, thinks of itself as being a Superpower. Well, it has military technology, that's for sure. But it no longer has greatness in the sense that it is a role model. If anything, the world is coming to see it more as something that has gone classically wrong. The good that can come of that is that it can serve as a wake up call for the rest of the world in what not to do with democracy. What to avoid at all costs.