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Direct action. German army goes pink!

Mai the 8th, 2005.
60 years after Hitler - some german activists took action. They wanted to show that the danger of fascism will not be banned as long as capitalism and militarism is not banned. Therefore a watchtower and many vehicles of the german army (Bundeswehr) became pink over night...
There are also some messages on the vehicles, like "Never again Germany" or "The death is a manager from Germany" (reminds to a poem of Paul Celan: "The death is a master from Germany") .

watch some pics on:


homepage: homepage: http://germany.indymedia.org/2005/05/115427.shtml

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attempt at a translation 08.May.2005 22:20


Here's my college-German attempt at a translation of the original post's explanation:

An amphibious vehicle of the successor army to the Wehrmacht (the so-called Bundeswehr) ["Wehrmacht", roughly 'Defence Power' was the name army under Hitler; "Bundeswehr", roughly 'Federal Defence' is the post-WWII name] on the parade grounds in Minden [NW Germany, near Hannover] were completely painted pink and supplied with messages. One says "Death is a manager from Germany", a play on words on Paul Celan's poem, in which is written "Death is a master from Germany." This transformation refers to the double-morals of modern Germany, which presents itself as peaceful, but nevertheless people regularly die through its weapons systems. Thus normally the German soldiers are not murders, but rather German politicans and managers who export weapons throughout the world.

Auf dem Truppenübungsplatz in Minden wurde ein Amphibienfahrzeug der Nachfolgerarmee der Wehrmacht (genannt Bundeswehr) komplett rosa angemalt und mit Sprüchen versehen. "Der Tod ist ein Manager aus Deutschland" ist dort zu lesen, eine Anspielung auf Paul Celans Todesfuge, in der es heißt: "Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland". Diese Abwandlung weist auf die Doppelmoral der Bundesrepublik hin, die sich friedlich gibt, durch deren Waffensystemen jedoch ständig Menschen sterben. Dabei sind im Normalfall nicht deutsche Soldaten die Mörder, sondern deutsche Politiker und Manager, die Waffen in alle Welt exportieren.

more pics of pink tanks: 09.May.2005 05:11


like prince, the symbol, sings: 09.May.2005 05:20

pink army

"pink - is the colour of passion. pink - is my obsession..."