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What will final Break the Amerikan Empire and cause Revolutions and Partitioning

Anarchists, Socialists, Bioregionalists, Gaians, Environmentalists, Feminists, traditional Conservatives, Social Liberals, Green Syndicalists

What will finally break the back of the beast of American apathy is ......
Debt, Morgage Penalties, Interest Rates and Bankruptcy.

Six months it takes for Bush's bankruptcy act to come into being and is there a rush to declare bankruptcy? How many bankruptcy lawyers are there? Even now the banks and credit lenders salivate as they send their customers new rules on interests and penalties. Soon the fluxuating oil prices which had been artificially low in this country will cause the cost of living to elevate. Will your pay rise with that? Will the institutions ... the schools, police departments, local governments, social services survive the economic crunch with the budget cuts?

Is that what the corporatists want? Riots, higher crime rate and homelessness so they can declare martial law? So they can replace disloyal police with DynCorp officers?

We need only wait and soon the streets will swell with middle class refugees ... former patriotic lower class and angery military families and even disenfranchised police ... disenfranchised by the corporate greed that has murdered the illusion of democracy and prey on the corpses of families and communities dying economic collapse as the rich laugh at the homeless veterans, child prostitutes and families locked in a spiraling cycle of violence and depression.

But to sit and wait as this imperialist system collapses or for the declaration of martial law by Fascists is just as bad as the corporatists who lick their lips at the suffering that they reap. We need to educate and create networks. We need to create networks to feed, cloth, house, educate and assist those falling to the streets. We should act now so as to build a new foundation for a new way ... a new paradigm ... one of social networks, social responsiblity, true democracy, cooperativism, ecological sustainablity and sustainable responsible economies ... a future where racism, sexism, ageism, abilitism, nationalism, classism, specism and all the other -isms of hate will become merely something we read of in history books and talk of as being in the bad old days. A paradigm where we become human beings again as opposed to human "do-ings". A worlview that sees the trees and other animals as syblings and not as property to be used for profit. Where the artist, the craftperson, the poet, the cook and all those who endeavour to create are revered as priest/esses of creativity and not as slaves to a pay check. We have an oppertunity to become something new ... something different ... a synthesis of the best of the old worlds and with a new vision of what "we" are as a species ... as members of a biodiverse network of communities on a living planet.
Networking requires talking to people 11.May.2005 01:03


Activists prefer to march and shout slogans.

generalizing 11.May.2005 01:12


The previous post by "." shows a lot of ignorance. I can't think of any "activist" that I know who doesn't network in addition to marching.

Can we please have some useful discussion on things happening locally to form communities, in support of one another when the existing systems begin collapsing?


___ Networking requires talking to people, Yes! and ___ 11.May.2005 01:24

Ecotopian Yeti

yes and this is why we must start teaching people how to talk again instead just reconstructing the glorified images they see on TV. It starts at home and then goes next door and across the street. Then the neighborhood goes to the neighborhood near by.

Ok here is a suggestion: organize a neighbourhood to neighbourhood potluck___ the weahter should clear up soon again so have several neighbourhoods meet___ maybe even the local mom -and-pop store or the local non corporate cafe could help.

__CaptainPlanet, has a point too 11.May.2005 01:47

Ecotopian Yeti

True many activists I know do try to network, but maybe because we as a consumeristic society need basic lessons on how to have a fully functional dialogue instead of preaching either to the congregation or to those who automatically plug their ears. I do not mean that only activists need lessons, but the whole society that has hidden behind TVs and now computers in their dark room with their locked up abodes need dialogue lessons, community classes and networking skills on the whole. Yes there are great individuals who are activisits who have these skills and they should be educating the rest of us troglodytes*

*note: no offence to troglodytes, spelunkers, hobbits, animated rabbits named Bugs or 30 year old single men who live in their mother's basements and play D&D on the weekends. "Its all good. Pass the Mountain Dew, please"

The Frog 11.May.2005 15:25

George Bender

I wish something dramatic, as described in the original post above, would happen. I would love to see "middle class refugees" in the streets. But so far that isn't what is happening. It's the poor people who are feeling the brunt of our country's drift towards fascism.

In the past few years I've often heard the frog analogy. It seems that some cruel researcher did an experiment on frogs. You put a frog in a container of water and very slowly heat the water. The frog doesn't notice the slow increase in temperature, does not jump out of the container, and eventually cooks to death. This is what has been happening to the United States since about 1973, which is often given as the tipping point. Since then our economy has been steadily turning against poor people, about a third of our population, and, to a lesser extent, against the middle class. Lately, with the drive to destroy Medicaid, it's shifting into high gear.

I would suggest not waiting for it to get worse, because worse, if you're poor, could make you dead. Get involved in everyday politics. Pay attention to what is happening locally and in the state legislature. That's where a lot of the class warfare is coming down. Two Oregon House Democrats recently voted for a bill to cut the capital gains tax. We should find out who they are and kick their asses in the next election.

Regarding networking, in January I heard a slideshow presentation in Eugene by Mark Lakeman of Portland's City Repair Project --  http://www.cityrepair.org/. I was extremely impressed. It was about creating villages in the city. Community. Organizing neighborhoods around little projects that make them more people friendly and help to get people together. Seemed like a very organic way of going about it. Lakeman regards this as grassroots politics. He expects the Project's influence to keep expanding to affect the city, etc. If you're looking for a place to start, check them out.

Somehow we've got to get past rhetoric and organize. If we only approach this individually, we're just asking to be stomped.

Where it starts 11.May.2005 15:50


To take control of the media is our best bet of winning. We must stop the lies and scandals. If you really want to let people know what is happening, help shut down KATU and in its place create an alternative media. One that is monitored by the people, like indymedia. The truth shall be heard, and that is when people will start making a difference. Right now, our numbers are weak. In order to actually do something we must smash the sources of lies.

Long live the truth~ Ben

OK, who can offer a venue for a weekly potluck? 11.May.2005 16:02


I myself am not very well situated to having groups of people over, but I live near DaVinci Middle School which has an awesome school yard (SWINGS!) and a pavilion for those times when it is raining. Who has a suggestion on weekly day/time and does anyone from another neighborhood want to have a potluck emphasizing organic, local food?

Re: CaptainPlanet 12.May.2005 02:27

Ecotopian Yeti

Excellent! Now I am not from that neck of woods.. is it open for just the near by neighborhoods... maybe several near by neighborhoods can join this endevour. I would recommend if several of you meet before hand to just go to local neighbors and knock on doors and say something like "hey long time not see.. sorry my dog poops in your yard .. um ... we are having a neighborhood potluck and since you are such a valuable person in the area ... I mean I deeply respect your well informed opinion which is reflected in the fact you steal my newspaper from my front door every morning .. you being at he potluck would be very very valuable... infact it is not my potluck but our potluck and we want together to build a stronger community" .. well ok you need not use those exact words and I would say the networking begins with going to people you already know and telling them the idea that from their each person picks another person to inform about the upcoming potluck. Cute flyers could be used .. just do not make the flyer look like its something it not make it look like a group of neighborhood friends inviting all the neighborhood. Nothing official or binding will be done at the potluck just networking and coimmunity building. If something does come out of it then take note of it with contact information and within the week start contacting again. maybe a community garden or two might emerge or a group effort to have permiculture or to help build networks for those looking for jobs or other help... or maybe you will just have a good time and realize those people down the street with the barking dog is not a Meth dealer after all (or maybe they are pot growers and you can score!... no no no do not write that bad bad yeti). Maybe one could set up a system of bartering for goods and services. If so then that could expand from neighborhood to district and even county if this is sucessful.

Any way someone has made and suggested a sticker for supporting local economies (specifically Cascadian local economies) so I am going to upload that for anyone to print out as a sticker to stick it on any surface you desire or not.
Support Local Economy
Support Local Economy

Ben and KATU or the rest of the corporate media 12.May.2005 03:13

a giant Alpine forest bipedal primate

Well one group or movement called Subvertical tried to confront KATU at their own premises back in January:

Photos of the KATU action

If I was a wild eyed maniac who either dressed all in black or put on a suit and cleaned up a bit like a "pretty boy" or "business babe" to look like the people KATU owners imagine they serves I would walk up to them when they are doing their live shoots (normally at the 5 o'clock hour) with a list of complaits about corporate media censorship and corporate ownership. And if I was even crazier with a group of slick cool dudes and "far out" and "groovy" dudettes we would make this a very very common event. Infact about three or for people asking a series of seemingly unrelated questions clearly enough and loud enough to be picked up on a live feed would be ... entertainment?

Why does the media only talk of news "fluff"?

Why are the numbers of protesters always played down in corporate media? (with a sheet of facts to back you up)

Why was the Scott Peterson case repeatedly covered while the accusations from international democratic watch groups of voter irregularity suppressed?

Why does the media refuse to report news of the dismantling of civil liberties of American civilians while hyping up stories on run-aways bribes or the Michael Jackson trial?

Who owns NBC, CBS, ABC and other corporate media?

How many people (soldiers and civilians) were killed or injured in Iraq today?

Why are in Iraq when Bush fully knew there was no WMD?

Why do you not report that Bush lied and Tony Blair confirms that the invasion and occupation was for internal American political reasons?

How much money is missing in the programs to rebuild Iraq?

If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?

Where is Osoma bin Laden?

What are the Bush-bin Laden connections?

What is the FBI covering up in Sen Bob Graham's report about 9/11?

Why were some many Saudi citizens aloud to fly out of the US right after 9/11?

Who owns Diebold and what is their connections to Bush?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tosie pop?

Who was behind the anthrax attacks? And why was most or all the targets Democrats?

If the conservatives are the party of less government then what are the neo-cons?

What are the links between the Bush family and the bin Laden family?

What is the history of Negroponte?

What is the history of Gonzales?

Who is Jeff Gannon? And what is his connections to Karl Rove?

Where did you get that suit?

Why did Rumsfeld sell chemicals for chemical weapons to Saddam Huesain in 1983?

What is the Caryle group?

i'm with you 12.May.2005 20:29

i am so there

> why are we useless? 11.May.2005 09:50
> -----
> stunned and frozen in disbelief
> I think it's something they're putting in our anti-depressants.

Re: something they're putting in our anti-depressants... its worst than that 12.May.2005 22:43

Dr. Ecotopian Yeti

Its the monitors we are glaring at from TV to computer screens, video games and gameboys. Those flashing monitors are destroying the dendrites that naturally grow in our brains as we mature and gain more experiences. Dendrites are the connection for neurons that branch out as we use our brains. Well research has shown that those dendrites when exposed to long periods of flashing monitors break down those conections. Then on top of that we have these cool things called mirror neurons that as we watch actions our brains think we are actually going through those actions or are following through the motions. Which is really kewl actually because it helps in the learning process, To add to that most of the media that comes across the computer screens, TVs, video games and gameboys are things that constantly stimulate our "reptilian brains" so we end up in a "flight or fight mode with our mirror neurons". I would suggest that this is the major element in the increasing lack of the ability to concentrate out side the spheres of sex and violence or that based reaction level that is perfect for the soldier in an armoured vehicle aiming psychotically at one of those "ragheads" (sorry being bitterly sarcastic about the chauvinism and imperialism that we all have inhereted). And when people after extended exposure to reacting (mentally) to "flight or fight" artifical senarios then there is burn out and I would suggest even parallels to some post traumatic stress symtoms. So what we end up having is large numbers of the population who flee to TV, computers, video games and gameboys as a form of escapism only to actually be neurologically burning themselves out even more and adding to physical fatigue.

What Are Dendrites

Strangers in Our Homes: TV and Our Children's Minds

Just a side note it is not just TV that has caused the dysfunctionality there are many many other factors such as the alienation in a mass society and the alienation do to a sense of hopelessness and just being a cog within the machine (I strongly suggest reading Marx's Alienation Theory and apply it to a nation wide election where people honestly feel that their vote does not count in sea of voters and where they feel no connection to the outcome of the vote.... this is actually crucial in understanding the apathy in the American and European political systems... smaller regional or local elections where the electorate literally sees her/his vote counting is really the only way a healthy democracy can work and ideally that must be transparent and a dialogue not just a choice.. cencensus democracy).

i know MY head 13.May.2005 01:18

is not a lump of iron

The "dendrite" link above leads to a page describing the small-scall structure of metals.

ooops wrong link... "I am Iron-man" 13.May.2005 02:18

Dr Yeti

Hey what do you except I am a Yeti. Your technology and fire scares me.

Try these (the hamsters did extra cycles in the wheel to crank out these):



potlucks are good ideas 13.May.2005 10:23


some of the local churches might offer space for neighborhood type potlucks.
I know St. Francis in inner southeast provides community space and Redeemer Lutheran or St. Andrews in northeast --- there are probably lots of others.