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9.11 investigation


Dr. Chaos warns DC workers just how vunerable their lives are.
Thinking of adding your insider knowledge to the current 911 debate? Better think twice, sez Dr. Chaos.
I was wondering what they were thinking 11.May.2005 10:39


As congress flees the buildings did they think the executive branch and dod after them or the citizens of this once great land of ours.

welcome 11.May.2005 10:56


Welcome to the wonderful world of 511

Not Right 11.May.2005 11:15


Look at how this pilot was treated during his "arrest". He just terrorized all of DC, made world news, was shot at by the USAF, and here he is unchained. Only a pair of handcuffs on, escorted by ONE guard who basically ignores him as he opens the FRONT door of his car for the prisoner to sit down. Even some guy on "COPS" wouldn't put a jaywalker in the front of the car right next to him. So why is this great "threat" treated with such kid gloves? And all those guys standing around the plane seem to just be killing time. Someone must have told them they were live on TV being lazy. All of a sudden a bunch of them seem to PRETEND to inspect the plane. It just wasn't right. This whole thing stinks to High Heaven.

Meet your next President 11.May.2005 12:07

A*PAC Watch

Senator George Allen of Virginia just happened to be on the air with CNN's Wolf Blitzer as this new apparent threat to our governmental leaders (the second in three days!) materialized.Senator Allen was extremely well-informed, exuding strength and confidence from every pore as he guided Wolf and his viewers through the crucial minutes of this "crisis", from alarm to relief...which is a little odd since, as any C-Span viewr can tell you, there is a HUGE difference between a coached, rehearsed George Allen and an impromptu George Allen.

If you are an investor, money marketer, commodities trader, or other type of professional gambler, you should place your bets now on Allen while you can still get odds.There's no reason why this pilot should be the only one to make some tax-free cash in this, after all.

(Won't it be exciting and reassuring in these troubled times to reestablish the Virginian Presidential tradition of our Founding Fathers)

It's a strange way to kick off a Presidential campaign, but these are strange times, and the Republicans have become a very strange Party.

Warning they are too jittery 11.May.2005 12:40

Cassandra of Troy

they are expecting a new 9/11 they know people are waking up from their sheep like sleep


Remember before 9/11 Ashcroft leaked out his fear of a commerial airlines being the target of terrorists.

These jumping to threats are their anxiety of what they have hired someone to do!!!!

WAKE UP!!! This time they plan on having a draft and an attack on Iran in June!!!!

. 11.May.2005 13:08


"Pres. Bush was not at White House During Evacuation."

What's new? He set this all up.

Nothing like this--particularly with the whole lacksadasical "security" shown here--is unplanned. Last time (9-11-01) such a security standdown occurred, Bush traitors made damn sure he was somewhere else on that day as they terrorized the United States. What's new?
"Let's pledge to the flag, everyone...WAIT, sorry, just a WWII flashback there."
Everbody except us is dangerous. They all have weapons of mass destruction.
Everbody except us is dangerous. They all have weapons of mass destruction."
"Special Delivery for Congress! Courtesy of US/CIA Military Biowarfare Prog.!"

Keep your mouth shut unless you're eating pie 11.May.2005 15:26


Too many have profited off homeland security money.

Once they got over the shock of 9/11, realized it was an inside job, they aren't going to make waves now. They benefited, and they are still benefitting. Those without so much luck to be in the right place at the right time to get a piece of that high pie, have to go to Iraq,lose their jobs, lose benifits and pensions. The ones with the power essentially got paid off to keep quiet. That's how I see it. Prosperity for you, if you keep your mouth shut. What's 3,000 lives lost in NYC when we can have LNG and Jobs in towns near you.

what were they thinking 11.May.2005 17:53

Wiley Post

To put things in perspective, the Cessna 150/152 is two seat aircrat with weight and top speed similar to a Honda accord, but much more lightly constructed. If the pilot had ill intent, having people and congressmen streaming out of the building would probably boost the death toll from none to hundreds.

Give 'em a Show 11.May.2005 23:54

2 on the aisle

The runt's numbers are sagging. (Laura's stand-up routine's paid reviews lasted about as long a puff-pastry in an earthquake.)
The War Without End is getting, say, maybe a little tedious.
Wall St. has a Spring cold it can't shake.
Things are, well, just messy on Captiol hill. Oh, a few from the Cato Institute wish list have been cobbled onto the latest budget draw for The War, but there's those nominations whose stinks won't go away. And then there's Republican House leader DeLay's chamber pot which can't be kept emptied.

So what better than to shuffle off to the Buffalos of Eastern Europe--wave at lumpen, heady with post-Soviet "independence", deliver speeches with hilarious elocution and lame rhetoric (still thinking about reading the goat story to the kids). But wait, it get's better.

The conniving Rove, having set the stage, moves into the crowd incognito, gray worker's cap pulled low over his brow, and throws a dummy handgrenade toward the platform a hundred feet away, and quickly vanishes inside a cordon of similarly disguised "local types" who spirit him back to the hotel. The event's rumors capture the international press for the next 24 hours.

Everyone knows that the numbers go up when there is even a rumor of remote threat to the executive. Well, mostly.

So, bring on part two: get to dust off Code Red, empty the seat of government, resurrect the nightmares of 9/11.

Where's Karl?

Re: Keep your mouth shut unless you're eating pie 12.May.2005 12:01


>>Too many have profited off homeland security money.<<

Which is exactly why nothing will be done, and exactly why more will be done.

"If it worked once, why not try it again!"

Actually, the first time they tried it was in Oklahoma City. But, what the hey, at least the Democrats figured it out first!

I'd dip back to 1979/FEMA--links to all these state terrorist acts 12.May.2005 12:36


actually, the first time they tried it was 1979. They even brought FEMA online (illegally) early by several days so that FEMA could take over the Three Mile Island "incident."

1979-2001: Three Mile Island ('79), Murrah ('95), and 9-11 take one ('93) and take two ('01), all have had one variable in common: they have been FEMA-strengthening police state self-terror hits. They are explicitly designed to confuse, startle, and organize U.S. mass psychology to accept American fascism in bite sized pieces over the years--and with this the ultimate destruction of democracy in the U.S.

Then next, we had one month into Clinton in 1993, the attack on the WTC1. They could hardly wait for state terror by then it seems. Since it failed, the NSC wanted to perfect some techniques so they funded some studies on "moving trucks filled with explosives"....which were the techniques used on the outside of the Murrah buildings shortly thereafter.

whole WTC related terrorism hits described, in this interview critique's comments:

Dust settles: THE BIG Question remains 12.May.2005 13:35


The dust is settling here but the one nagging question remains. The only one that actually matters. The question that NO reporter has asked and that no govt. official has tried to explain. WHY DID THE CESSNA'S PILOT(S) COMPLETELY IGNORE T-W-O SEPERATE MISSLE/FLARE WARNINGS FIRED RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM? Was he on drugs? Just stupid? Hypnotized? A Zombie? Isn't it just a little suspicious that he's not being prosecuted for failure to obey and respond? I heard the fighter pilot himself say there was no response whatsoever. He seemed genuinely perplexed. Who are these Cessna guys anyway? Somebody must be able to dig up something on these two clowns. How about it researchers? Who ARE these guys?

More 12.May.2005 14:35


Interesting stuff just Googling about the web. An examiner for the FAA named Kuhn says he was at the Pennsylvania airport when the Cessna took off. He said the pilot, 69 year-old Hayden "Jim" Sheaffer, didn't know how to properly work the fuel pump as he gassed up the plane. Sheaffer and student pilot Troy D. Martin were released without any charges. The FAA guy says it was obvious Sheaffer hadn't been flying much and he "hadn't seen him out there very often". Kuhn was at the airport nearly "every day". Sheaffer actually JOKED "I hope I can avoid those no-fly zones" just before liftoff. The plane appeared to be on a "straight shot" for the Capitol building said DC Police Chief Ganier. There's a Hayden "Jim" Sheaffer listed as a member of the "Flying Farmers". He was Flying Farmer "Man of the Year". Curiously, a link to this fact conveniently has info on every man of the year but Mr. Hayden.

Tom Ridge Story 12.May.2005 21:32


Tom Ridge reporting that he was forced to raise terror alerts when they were unwarranted----probably the motive for "cessna crisis over washington".