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Zero Voter Turnout

"If voting worked it would be illegal."
Zero Voter Turnout


The world is populated with knights and angels, demons and vampires. Warriors of God, long in battle, become wary. Their wills constantly attacked by the soul of what some call 'Babylon'- the world of money that thinks a world without money where food grows on trees is absurd and impossible.

'Voting' is a construct invented by a desire to distract and enslave. Freedom has always been easy- just don't claim the land with murderous fervor. A joyous life is to be had by living to live, not living to swim in luxury. The blessing of patience existing to counter any desire unattainable.

The mass of the Earth's population tricked into thinking that freedom means 'freedom to manifest any desire', when, in fact, it means 'freedom from delusion'. The major obstacle being the stubborness that guards the contented laziness of most people- the laziness that allows us to fear. This is why patience IS a miracle, because it is the phenomenon that breeds a desire for the courage to face our laziness.

Given, we have gotten ourselves in a pickle because of a long-time dependency on corruption. Over-population being only one of many many indicators. Voting isn't going to be the cure. The opposite, really.

To bring justice and remember freedom we must have patience and consider the unworthiness of supporting a mindset that pretends it must rape the world to survive; pretends 'across the board' prohibition is necessary. By destroying our IDs, ceasing to pay taxes and rent, and humbly and politely giving no authority to the police (not fearing prosecution or death) we will begin the process of healing the planet. Moving knowing conscientiousness we respect the real world around us and do not fear violating any law as we assert our right to simply exist.

So, truth be told, we do not have the right to support a system that contents itself with a lie, and voting does just that.

May the next vote be the last. May the next vote not have any participants (as everyone is too busy reclaiming the paradise that is this planet's potential).

Move well and trust that patience is with us,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada


Interactive Documentary on the 'Right to Sleep'-  http://loveandfearlessness.com