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In his April 1, 2005 commentary to NPR's Living on Planet Earth, Jordan Cove partner Robert Mac Farlane reports that pipelines and shipping are vulnerable easy targets and almost impossible to defend.
Robert Mac Farlane of Joran Cove Oregon tells us that fossil fuel shipping and pipelines are easy targets for a terrorist.
background and a bit of commentary 12.May.2005 16:24


MacFarland is a principal developer at the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) site in Coos Bay. He's suggested, in public statements unrelated to Jordan Cove, that the energy supply (particularly oil) for the U.S. economy is extremely vulnerable to terrorist disruption. He envisions terrorist activity disrupting the flow of oil, and this shock to the oil market sparking a global depression.

It's hard to argue that there is some validity to Gen. MacFarland's point here. The interesting and incongruent element of this picture is MacFarland's participation in the Jordan Cove site. Unless he knows something I don't, it would seem that LNG tankers would face similar threats to oil tankers. A great deal of natural gas is located in the Middle East and other areas where opponents of the U.S. have ample motivation and opportunity to attempt "disruption" of the energy supply.

It's difficult to tell whether MacFarland really believes what he says about the vulnerability of our energy supply, when he is involved in the development of an energy project with many of the same problems. I, for one, think his solution is functionally identical to the problem itself.