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Military beses moved for internal geopolitical reasons?

Just examining what is realy going on....

Are we experiences a Soviet style shell-game with its military bases and support being severed from the local communities and economic network that have developed over the last 50 years?

We need a map of these closures and reenfortified bases.

How many are being moved out of "blue states" (as economic punishment) and moved to "red states"?
www.ppu.org.uk/pm/ US-military-bases-2001-03.jpg
www.ppu.org.uk/pm/ US-military-bases-2001-03.jpg
www.chinfo.navy.mil/.../ base-map-flat-2002.gif
www.chinfo.navy.mil/.../ base-map-flat-2002.gif
www.chinfo.navy.mil/.../ base-map-flat-2003.gif
www.chinfo.navy.mil/.../ base-map-flat-2003.gif
www.chinfo.navy.mil/.../ base-map-flat-2004.gif
www.chinfo.navy.mil/.../ base-map-flat-2004.gif
Rumsfeld claiming that it would save the miltary-industrial complex or the tax-payers... yeah right.

So there are numerous possiblities:

An rearrangement of bases to push senators or congress persons seeking re-election in 2006?

Punish "liberal" or Democrat strong holds that have military bases by breaking their local economies?

Rearrangement for near future martial law and increasing personnel in potential FEMA camps?

Preparing personnel in bases in the USA to move to the new embassies (highly fortified bases) in Iraq and preparing for Iran?

To sell off many bases to the private sector (corporatists) to be used for toxic dump sites (brown fields) or for the growing prison industry?

To give the Corporations another oppertunity to steal from the general public in outlandish bills for moving since the military has become so privatized?

To remove bases from regions that might have mutany from the military and their military families during any potential revolution from the local population?


Some of you might reply with "yay they are leaving"... ummmm... trust me they are not leaving they are repositioning for something big either internationally or internally.