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Terrorism... now 3 times more likely!

Sen. Gordon Smith, now 3 times more likely to be interested in terror. Available representing us in Congress today! Don't wait, fearmongers are standing by.
feeling safer already
feeling safer already
Thanks to Gordon Smith we can be 3 times more concerned about terrorism!

Sen. Smith's web site has a field that asks "What is the general topic of your message?"

The list is mostly alphabetical... except that "Terrorism" comes up 3 times. I guess it's really important to him. Maybe he is insecure.


What would make me feel more secure? A government accountable to its people who trust you to represent them, not frighten them. Hopefully several of you will ask about his NOT representing Oregon values. There are several topics but 3 of my favorite are:

- Voting against the "Harkin Amendment" a Bill to make streets accessible to everyone
- Drug Laws that increase the negative effects on society (personally i feel every prison built)
- Working against the wishes of the terminally ill (physical assisted suicide was twice approved by Oregon voters, and he still fights it)

revphil sano
portland's worst drummer

ps i had a good crash biking down the Alameda Ridge on 17th last night. -BAM- right into the concrete barrier. Good times...

please be gentle if you see me playing drums like DefLepord at the Alberta Art Hop tomorrow afternoon.

homepage: homepage: http://ridemybike.org/tmb/index.html

I voted for Smith twice, but never again 15.May.2005 12:45

former-Republican thats awakened to the TRUTH

as I've come to reevaluate a lot of things more closely with this monkey in the White
House calling the game plan, and if Gordon Smith is so stupid as to let this silly jerk
set his pace, tell him what dance to do and the song to sing, then Gordom will NEVER ever get my vote again...for any position. There is little he can do to win me back to
being a fan of him or the Republicans. I'm finished with the whole lot of the crazies!