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Base Closures

My guess is that base closures will be used to punish the unfaithful and pay
for livery. Perhaps the land freed from the feds could help the poor and fort vancouver tv- channel 11.
common sense
common sense
Base closures will redistribute the wealth of this nation. This action locally could be used to help the poor, but good luck on that. For the designs of our society seems to require the poor to maintain low wages and a prison industrial complex, but that's another story.

So follow the money... It generally looks as if money is migrating to the old south. This is certainly a twofer. This of course is economic racism for it take likely advantage of lower land costs and rewards the Jesus freak republicans. This land of course will be more able to be polluted.

Where else is the money going? It is going offshore to new places. Yes my guess its off to support foreign bases, private armies as well as the usual overhead of our military industrial complex at home. I also suspect that our military industrial complex will be off-shored more and more so we are paying more and more for less and less as time goes.

So Sam is taking our taxes rewarding the south and paying for livery in foreign lands. That's "Democracy" in Sam's mind. Note if democracy is so good the military would use it.

So where is the good news in all this for us? In a word land. Perhaps the Fed will release the land an give it to the poor. This way it will take a while longer for the rich to accumulate the land from the poor. Here too perhaps that land could be used in the city of Vancouver to pay for FTV- channel 11.
Base Closures 14.May.2005 14:18

Catalina Eddie

There isn't much point in maintaining all those bases when all our military is in someone else's country.


The real reason 14.May.2005 14:45

billy rubin

The real reason for the base closure list (just proposed closings at this stage) is to "assist" democrat legislators in their voting decisions (nuke option, activist judges, etc. etc.). Lost bases in their districts means lost elections down the road, so if we see dems or moderate republicans swinging their votes over to the right, we can also expect bases in their districts to remain open.

A lot of people grumble about lost jobs and businesses on and around military bases. To them I say, you should not have banked on war.

Billy Rubin

They're going to make them into LNG refineries and nuclear power plants 15.May.2005 21:00

next big thing

great for security state, and indeed, since US has gone blatantly imperial, all "bases" wil be overseas. Heil!