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CNN: Exploiting Your Fear for Fun & Profit

I thought this was worth posting.
From: takebackthemedia.com
A CNN Poll results:

First of all, the Top 5 Fears are listed in reverse order, with Number 5 showing at the top, where Number 1 should be. Why would CNN display a completely counter-intuitive list like this?

To exploit your fear. Even though Terrorism only placed at number 5 on the poll, CNN still shows Terrorism at the top of the list. The casual viewer would look at this graphic and get the impression that Terrorism is at the top of the list, when in actuality it's only Number 5 on the list. It's a dishonest representation of the poll results - but the cynical manipulation of the news only begins there.

CNN has been scraping the bottom of the news barrel for some time now, in a futile effort to draw viewers away from the much-more-successful Fox News.


homepage: homepage: http://web.takebackthemedia.com/geeklog/public_html/article.php?story=20050426170842493

i would have to agree, unfortunately. 15.May.2005 11:16

this thing here

it's fun to closely watch the corporate news from a detached, skeptical standpoint. you can see all their little tricks, all the little convenient things they say and don't say, the particular phrasings, the way information is presented so as to mislead (as is clearly the case above), the ubiquitous american flag graphics, the censorship of not saying something or not covering a story in a complete and professional manner.

for example, any coverage of demonstrations always leaves out what the demonstrator's are demonstrating against and why. all you get are "there were some anti-this or anti-that demonstrations", as if that explained it sufficiently. as with the demonstrations in afghanistan and krygyzistan, there is plenty of informative coverage of what the particular governments did to repress the demonstrations. but, as always, there is no coverage of the specifics behind the demonstratoins. for example, would it surprise anyone if the "anti-government" demonstrations in kyrgyzistan also had some elements of "anti-american" demonstrator's? meaning, the people in demonstrating in kyrgzistan don't want any relationship between their government and america? speaking rhetorically, hmmm, now why would that crucial element of the complete story simply get buried uder the meaningless "anti-government demonstrations"...

what CNN is doing is obvious. the editorial decision they have made is obvious. to see terrorism as american's LEAST worst fear would completely demolish and undercut their fear mongering, monomaniacal "war on terrorism" coverage. can't have that, so better NOT show terrorism at the BOTTOM of the list...

and all these little tricks do is make it absolutely clear who corporate media are really working for.