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9.11 investigation

Absolute Smoking Gun

Steve Jackson, of Steve Jackson Games, accurately predicted subsequent 9/11 events in 1991. Because of his intent to publish his work, in the form of a role playing card game, he was arrested by US Secret Service and placed on trial. The judge threw out the case and awarded Steve Jackson damages. In 1995, Jackson published the award winning game "Iluminati New World Order".
The two towers
The two towers
Cutting Edge, a faith based organization, reveals this remarkable "smoking gun" in a truly astounding article at


Three possibilities present themselves

1. One of Steve Jackson's hacker friends actually hacked into a private elite's database or computer and uncovered preliminary plans for 9/11.

2. Steve Jackson received inspiration from a supernatural source - whatever the source.

3. The whole matter was coincidental and unrelated. (This seems unlikely given the exact locations shown in two cited cards in the INWO deck.)

Take your pick of the three. Personally I would argue for number one. LARP (live action role playing) folks have shown remarkable resourcefulness developing background material for their games. For example, see White-Wolf publishers "Mage, The Ascension".

Note to Anarchist/Atheist trolls: I don't think anybody has ALL the truth, and that includes Anarchists, Atheists, and most Christians. So, if I see something significant, maybe important, I don't care whether it comes from a faith-based organization's web site or from an anarchist site.
hmmm 15.May.2005 01:35

don't think so

Contrary to some people's apparent beliefs, terrorism was invented long before 2001, and long before 1995, and the idea of targeting the WTC wasn't particularly novel either. Somebody or other had already tried in 1993.

. 15.May.2005 10:23


well whatever. the point is, the attacks of 9/11 were perpetrated by the United States government and nobody else. All signs point to that direction.

Fortress America 15.May.2005 14:09


There was also a board game put out by Milton Bradley in 1986 called 'Fortress America.' The cover of this board game depicts Saddam Hussein as one of the villians and it has the WTC towers as a possible target.

Errr... no. 16.May.2005 12:18

Bison Boy

That is a spectacularly inaccurate story. Bravo.

Check the facts of the Steve Jackson Games vs Secret Service fiasco on the company's website:  http://www.sjgames.com/SS/

You'll note that no one got arrested, least of all Mr. Jackson. However, there was a seizure of some computer equipment and it just about bankrupted the company at the time. All because the Secret Service, like so many others, couldn't distinguish between fantasy and reality.

idea predates game 17.May.2005 02:52

some nerd

Like somebody already said, some kind of bomb went off in one of the Twin Towers' basements in 93. This idea predates the card game. Nice try though.

Indeed... 17.May.2005 04:33

Tony Blair's dog

"Like somebody already said, some kind of bomb went off in one of the Twin Towers' basements in 93."

Yes, and funny how it was the FBI who was exposed
for creating that stunt. All because of the "patsy"
having more brains than the FBI had counted on.

He recorded their conversations and when he was
told to not use the fake charges he was supposed
to use, but live ones instead, his refusal
did not result in the mass destruction that
would have been certain if he had followed
the order from the FBI agents.

So yes, the idea of the federal government
being behind fake "terrorist attacks" murdering
innocent americans is nothing new.