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They suicided Tristan Egolf

I guess the 5 surviving members of the Smoketown 6 better watch each others backs.
choosing your words wisely 17.May.2005 06:37

a friend

"they suicided tristan egolf" is not only an absurd observation but also a false one to boot. deciding what caused someone's suicide is impossible and it certainly has nothing to do with what you are implying. this is delicate and sensitive. you are ill informed.

Antiwar Webmaster Murdered 17.May.2005 15:04

wake up and smell the fascism

On Monday evening, the webmaster of Forsake The Troops was brutally assaulted by two men, thought to be members of the military, in response to their opinions about this website. Mr. Crook had been the target of numerous death threats and trespassers at his residence. All of these threats were saved and have been turned over to the authorities.


At 6:19pm Eastern time, Michael Crook died of his injuries, after being rushed by ambulance to the leading hospital in the area for head trauma. The two men who allegedly assaulted him are currently in the custody of police. Mr. Crook died with his wife and infant daughter present.

It is therefore the decision of his family, and associates that Forsake The Troops goes offline, to prevent further incidents of violence and threats against his family. Therefore, this domain will permanantly go offline at around 5pm Eastern time, on Tuesday, May 17th, 2005.

Comments, and well-wishes may be addressed to  condolences@michaelcrook.com. Media inquiries (no interviews with family at this time), or sincere inquiries from well-meaning people may be directed to (315) 295-2602.

Leave a voice mail message and your call will be returned by our media representative. The family requests privacy at this time.