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Cop dies at protest in Philly

Anyone hear about this?
Was surfing the Philly IMC site checking for the poop on the BIO conference and the corresponding demos there, and I came across this story (which I cut and pasted here):

"Protester Throws Water, Police Rush Crowd, Officer Dies Due to Heart Attack
21.06.2005 17:57

Philadelphia Police Officer Paris Williams had an apparent cardiac arrest while chasing protesters in front of the Convention Center today. According to both demonstrators and police, he was not involved in the scuffle.

An interview with two demonstrators corroborates the birds-eye view video of NBC 10 which shows police officers breaking through a line of protesters during a mle at 13th and Arch Streets earlier today.

Eye-witness testimony says a demonstrator poured water on the shoulder of a Civil Affairs Officer. The officer pursued the demonstrator into the crowd. A scuffle ensued in which four demonstrators were arrested and one badly hurt. It is not known at this time what injuries were sustained. The violence marred what was otherwise a peaceful demonstration."

Hadn't seen anyone talking about it on PDX IMC, and hadn't seen it on the TV (I know, I know, don't hate), so I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone - could make things ugly at the next protest/march, considering the way things usually go in p-town anyway...

Ok, I'm an idiot 22.Jun.2005 18:29

Farther Time

...cause I now see the headline from Catwoman's post. I'd swear that wasn't there earlier. Or maybe it's my meds...

... 22.Jun.2005 21:06

someone who was there.

the cop was a big fat man waering a heavy suit in 90 degree weather and throwing punches AND he had a heart condition. all things the media conveniently left out.
Maybe if he ate organic and was taking heart medication that was safe ...???

It's a good thing! 22.Jun.2005 21:12


It is a good day for peace loving people everywhere! His dropping dead probably saved a hapless black motorer from certain death by tazer from this jerk someday. If he has the gumption to throw punches at a crowd, guess what he'd be capable of if he thought nobody was watching.

Nothing to celebrate 23.Jun.2005 07:00


This person's death is surely nothing to celebrate. It's not like it matters in the great wheel of pig oppression, that will continue. And for what it's worth, he was a human being after all. Yes, his chosen occupation was immoral, yes he was apparently participating in the oppression of the people, but that doesn't make it anything but tasteless to make flippant remarks about it being somehow a "good" thing. Fuck that. If his death meant no more cops would ever hit protesters, then yes, it would be a good thing. If it meant our streets would be free of the guns of an unjust power, then yes. If it meant that any of us would be safer than we were before, then yes. But it does not mean any of these things. All if means is that some cog in the wheel has been replaced, and that someone's dog is at home missing the big fat guy who used to feed it.

I agree 23.Jun.2005 18:31



You are right. We should never celebrate the death of another human being, even if we don't agree in the profession they have chose.

Life is precious to all of us. We must hold it in the highest esteem.