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Today in history: A22 Bush protest in PDX, 2002

Three years ago today, George W. Bush had the gall to visit Portland and stay at the downtown Hilton. In what was then the first major protest against him since 9/11, thousands of people filled the streets and surrounded the nine square block cordoned-off area around the hotel. Rather than being trapped in a protest pen, the police and pResident were trapped, and protesters had free reign over much of downtown, where streets were taken, traffic snarled, and music played.
Without decent notice or any good reason, police opened fire on protesters with pepperspray at more than one location. Among the victims was a 10 month old child. (This is the incident that led to the still oft-shouted, "They pepperspray babies!" It was just one baby, just for the record, but brutal nonetheless.)

The day's events gave the activist community a much needed jolt, and the momentum from this event arguably carried through the Spring of 2003, culminating in the post-invasion protests of March 20-25.

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searchable action page 22.Aug.2005 17:03


as we remember this date 22.Aug.2005 20:40

let us not forget

the so-called "leaders" behind it all>>>Mark Kroeker and Vera Katz

2 children were sprayed 22.Aug.2005 21:22

Working Class Mama

one was a baby and the baby's older sibling(2 or 3 yrs old I think) was peppersprayed as well.

Reclaim the energy 22.Aug.2005 21:29


Ah those were the days... the exhilaration, the excitement, the rage, the analysis-building, the community-forming. Now what we need to do is reclaim that energy and put it toward constructive efforts to reorganize society on the local level, yet simultaneously in all areas and in all ways. Read Jeff Leurs' newest article, posted on indy in the past week. The real question is whether we really meant it when we declared our intentions symbolically in the form of street protest...