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KBOO amnews summary transcript Fri Aug 26th

see article--it's short
1. Some Oregon police are pushing for a change in
state law that would make public intoxication a crime.
But we have a statute that prohibits lawmakers from
enacting laws against drunk and disoprderly conduct,
vagrancy or being under the influence of controlled
2. Susan Castillo is expected to announce her bid for
a second term next week.
3. The fast-moving Deek Creek fire has already burned
six houses belonging to people exercising their
god-given right to sprawl all over the countryside.
4. Rolling black outs cut power to half a million
people is SoCal, due in part to high temperatures but
mostly to antiquated centralized power grids. The
State asked Pasadena which has its own publicly-owned
power company was just fine, thanks. In fact
Pasadena's PUC increased production in order to help
other areas with voters even dimmer than the light.
5. The warden of a maximum security prison where the
was a riot has been transferred to another prison.
(Presumably to start another riot there, I guess.)
6. The Jamboree for Justice concluded yesterday
afternoon in Portland.
7. An overwhelming number of people say that critics
of the Iraq war have a right to voice their opposition
to the illegal unjust invasion. Unfortunately these
same people do not have the right to be heard.
8. Remember how John Bolton was supposed to be "on a
short leash" throughout his numbered days at the UN?
Remember how he promised to me "moderate". Well
Bush's Man On Top Of The World has presented the UN
with 750 amendments to the UN's charter. Bolton wants
to scrap the Millenium Development Goals, scrap action
on climate change, focus on free market solutions, and
eliminate aany reference to the International Criminal
9. Meanwhile back in Realitysville, the actual UN has
found that the world is more unequal today than it was
10 years ago, despite serious economic growth. Kofi
Annan said the report showed that development could
not be advanced without addressing the inequality.
(The US is hoping that poor countries will buy lots of
American handguns and kill each other off. Kidding!
Just kidding! Wait a minute....)
10.Hurricane Katrina sounds sort of cute but really
isn't if you live in Florida. On the otherhand, if
you are a fundamentalist Christian and believe that
god punishes people for their evil voting systems,
then it all makes sense.
11.Hugo Chavez signed a deal to sell Jamaica oil for
$40 a barrel. Here's how Chavez put it: "Don't thank
us. It is the call of conscience." Back here in the
USofA, the administration proves that you can't hear
the "call of conscience" if you don't have one.
12.FSRN The World Health Organization expects to
declare a health crisis in Africa because of
13.The US says that al-Zarqawi is going to relocate to
the Horn of Africa because the chaos in Afghanistan
and Iraq makes it impossible to run a proper terrorist
organization. (Translation: "We want to get our
meathooks into Africa's vast natural resources but the
people there probably won't like that so we're going
to need a pretext for a war.")
14.Still no constitution out of Iraq. Sunni and
Shiite delegates want to put it to the voters as is.
15.The Uzbek parliament backed the government's
decision to evict US troops. (And who could blame
16.The 9th Circuit has ruled against Dow Chemical and
Shell Oil. Those BadBoys were trying to avoid paying
a half-billion dollar judgement over the use of
pesticides in Nicaragua in the 1970's.
17.The strike in Ecuador is over.The government and
the oil companies pledged to plough more money into
education and infrastructure in the principal
impoverished oil-producing region. (Advice to the
striking oil workers and protesters: Make sure that
'pledge' is on paper STAT. And get lawyered up ASAP.
18.(You knew this was coming, didn't you?) The London
Zoo unveiled - and I do mean unveiled - a new exhit: 8
humans wearing fig leaves. Zoo officials had this to
say: "We set up this exhibt to highlight the spread
of man as a plague species in the planet's ecosystem."
Couldn't have put it better myself.

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jana / glen

Posted: August 1, 2005
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