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Katrina: Irony, Coincidence & Things to Come

Some observations about the disastrous storm.
I find it ironic that people burned fossil fuels to escape the most powerful hurricane to ever form in the Gulf of Mexico and I find it coincidental that the hurricane struck the one of the world's primary petroleum processing centers (in terms of extraction, importation, and chemical processing). Fortunately, more people did not die -- but this storm may have merely been a warning of things to come if consumption habits do not change.

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it's too late 31.Aug.2005 10:04


your observation resonates with me. i agree. but i'll add:

you wrote: "this storm may have merely been a warning of things to come if consumption habits do not change"

unfortunately, climate scientists suggest that the complete effects of fossil fuel burning take years to fully manifest in the atmosphere. one figure i've heard more than once is "twenty years". that is to say, if we turned everything off right now, it would still take two decades, give or take, for all the damage we're causing to show itself. so, at any given moment, we are a long way from things settling down. and of course we don't know into what sort of condition things will so settle: another ice age, a worldwide drought, etc. like a ball that keeps rolling after you stop pushing it, we've got momentum to deal with at this point, and the outcome is unclear. it seems highly unlikely, however, that the current weather patterns, average temperatures, etc., of most places in the world will be the same in the coming decades as they are now.

look out! the party's over.

k 31.Aug.2005 13:41


frick dude, your little dissertation is so academic sounding.the weather is way out of wack now.its hotter than ever and most people dont talk about it.

LaSalle 31.Aug.2005 15:11

Good point SP...

The negative feedback loops have already started and won't be reversed anytime soon. We are probably doomed -- but it's fun to pretend we can be saved.