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The Great Lie Meets Katrina Revised.

The great lie that is the war on terrorism has just taken a very serious blow. A category 5 hurricane named Katrina.
The Great Lie Meets Katrina Revised.

By Lloyd Hart

The great lie that is the war on terrorism has just taken a very serious blow. A category 5 hurricane named Katrina. The hurricane that is looking to be America's worst natural disaster. Yet the composite of people that control George Bush's ear piece could not cancel the speech that makes the most publicly ridiculous comparison between wars that a politician has ever made. While civil authorities are failing to cope with the reality left in Katrina's wake the Bush regime decided to do P.R. for the war on terror by flying right past the disaster so that Bush could give a speech in L.A. comparing the war on terror to World War Two instead of aiding the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

In other words the pain and suffering of Americans in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is not going to prevent George Bush from staying the course on the great lie. But just as the Bush regime has ignored calls for resignations of Karl "Ebola" Rove,Donald "One-Celled" Rumsfeld and Condalisa "Balls In a Vise" Rice. Ignored international symposiums of the world's most renowned scientists warning us about global warming and climate change as well as ignoring absolutely everything that contradicted the Bush regimes' agenda, they were obviously not counting on a category 5 storm devastating a highly populated area and one of America's most popular cities. I find very interesting that by ignoring one woman, Cindy Sheehan has caused the Bush regime to ignore probably the most important woman of the day, Katrina. And by ignoring Katrina the Bush regime showed its true colors on National TV to the American public. A cynical pushing of the great lie agenda at a crucial turning point in the disaster that is New Orleans and the surrounding area.

No they could not help themselves. They had to go give the speech comparing the war on terror to World War Two. As New Orleans sinks into chaos caused by floodwaters breaching the levy walls that protect New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain the thing the Bush regime does not get is that nobody in America gives two shits about the war on terror right now. In fact people are beginning to question the wisdom of reorganization of America's emergency response systems into the Department of Homeland Security as the Department seems to be failing and looks quite overwhelmed.

The impact of Bush's PR speech in Los Angeles comparing the war on terror to World War Two in a futile attempt to stave off the exploding backlash of two stolen elections, the smelly, stinky piece of shit that is the official 911 story and the lies that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq was completely lost in the scope of the tragedy (and television lense watching it) that struck the Gulf states. The tragedy, not the wasted speech, is what has captured the imaginations of the entire American public. After all that has happaened I can believe that nobody said lets cancel the speech and go help our fellow Americans.

They can't change the president's schedule so he can meet with Cindy Sheehan because then Bush would have to deal on live television with Cindy Sheehan's questions concerning the Bush regime's lying to the American public so that they could rush to war. They can't change the president's schedule so that he can actually be a president to the American people in the tragedy that has just occurred in the Gulf states because if he does not remain aloof to these super storms he would have to deal with Deforestation, Global Warming and Climate Change.

Not to mention, the locally important question "why aren't the National Guard in complete control of New Orleans."

Oh yeah, the National Guard and the reserves are in Iraq maintaining the great lie, the war on terror manufactured by the Bush regime in order to take hegemonic control of the entire Middle East and its oil so they can Militarily Survive Global Warming and Climate Change while the rest of us have to waite for Home Security to figure itself out instead of reacting to the disaster.

I have been saying all along since 911 that the Generals and the Bush regime are fully aware of the the collapse of the planets ecosystems, the food and fresh water supply caused by Deforestation, Global Warming and Climate Change but are simply reacting to it militarily instead of Civically. By capturing the strategic oil supply at a time when U.S. dometic supplies are plummeting the U.S. can strike at anyone who threatens America's hegemonic control of the global oil, fresh water and food supply.

In other words, in the world population allied with the Bush regime eat first and the rest must beg for scraps from the masters table.

In the end the only worthy present day comparison to WWII is Huricane Katrina, Deforestation, Global Warming and Climate Change.


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