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1,700 feet above New Orleans

The view Bush had if he really did look.
Here is New Orleans before the storm at 1,700 feet. This is how high the luxury air ship Air Force One flew when the resident got a look at storm damage. How much of the suffering could he see from here?

A Matter of Scale 31.Aug.2005 21:47


While I agree with you about all you said a click on the image brings up an enlargement that is clearly marked as the view from 17,000 ft. Not 1700 ft.

((8-0) Doh!

my gosh 01.Sep.2005 07:29


I cannot believe I did that. It was so terribly upsetting to watch the footage from the area that I got over zealous in my research and hit the wrong button. Still, thanks for understanding my basic premise. We have an administration which views pain from afar and cares nothing for the people down there calling for help. Just as the storm was heading their way, bush asked for a major reduction in funding of flood control plans in and around New Orleans. He has said that Global Warming is 'just a theory', while the rest of us are struggling with its reality. I am sorry to have posted a bogus photo, but my heart was in the right place.

correction 01.Sep.2005 07:38

1658 feet

O.K. but the point is the same: At 1658 feet, you could, assuming you were actually looking out the airplane window, as the photo op photo of King George shows, possibly notice "holy fuck, that's a lot of water, and all the casinos are really wet!" but you could not see the people, the pets, the suffering.