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International Troops of NORTHCOM activated for martial law in Katrina areas!

god, they are so devious. This is real. International troop cohorts in the USA authorized as the mobilized groups for martial law in Katrina aras by "our" Pentagon.

" The [neocon] Federal Emergency Management Agency asked the [neocon] Pentagon to activate its [neocon INVENTED] U.S. Northern Command's JOINT TASK FORCE in case troops were needed... We're gonna be reinventing New Orleans," said Bill Lokey, regional director of FEMA. [It's easier to do that once we have destroyed it, you see.]" The attempt to crumble the Posse Commutatus cookie has an internationalist feel...
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina
Northcom: last puzzle piece of a global police state just clicked into place...
Northcom: last puzzle piece of a global police state just clicked into place...


NORTHCOM IS STAFFED MOSTLY BY NATO PERSONNEL. NORTHCOM's invention as a mega supranational military organization encompassing Canada, the United States, and Mexico "jurisdiction" as a WAR PLANNING theatre without borders over the whole North American continent--was "JUSTIFIED" in its invention OFF the BOGUS "9-11 OFFICIAL STORY." NORAD on 9-11 was headed by General Eberhart, who was likely, as head of NORAD then, was in charge of the coordination of NORAD war gaming on 9-11 that led to disjunct "response" to what was in essence a self-hit by the police and military of the United States on itself: self-hitting the Pentagon and New York City to pass the PATRIOT police state legislation sight unseen, salted with a little CIA-contract weaponized military-grade anthrax traced to domestic supplies of bioweaponry at Ft. Detrick, Maryland and a handful of other top secret U.S. domstic sources.

Bush and his whole cabinet were on the anthrax specific drug Cipro before the anthrax surfaced: in Florida (taking out an anti-Bush newspaper editor who published "drunk Jenna" pics); in the mailboxes of the only two members of Congress who were leading opposition to the draconian PATRIOT act that was delivered to Congress by Bush to sign off on immediately after 9-11 (it had alrady been written up before 9-11), Daschle and another [Daschle taken out later when anthrax misses by using e-vote fraud in his state, he "loses" his unauditable electronic election in his state in 2002].

Instead of anyone caring in the least bit that this is an open faced neocon coup agains the U.S., or caring that the anthrax attack was a domestic military operation on the Congress, or anyone caring for punishing Eberhart for his 9-11 inactions, Eberhart was rewarded for his lack of service and becomes becomes first head of the larger internationalist responsibilities of NORTHCOM. General Myers as well, on 9-11 in charge of the Pentagon response and failing diasterously, has his promotion hearings started up on Sept. 13. Myers and Eberhart are close friends. They are really into "space war" and what Rummy calls the "revolution in military affairs" a move to creating a global surveillance grid of high tech weaponry, space laser cannons, and other exotics--while demoting the whole concept of troops as important for the Army.

After 9-11, NORTHCOM is invented because "9-11 obviously showed a hole in our national defenses (sic)." However, last time that I am aware off--and Northcom was only invented after 9-11--this continental and international war theater was activiated on the flimsy excuse of the "DC sniper". Oh yeah, a DC sniper, so activate a continental international military organization, largely staffed with NATO.

Now with 9-11 pretexts unravelling as the bald lie it is in their faces, there seems to be nothing that they will not do to rush through a flimsy pretext anymore, eh?


Twilight overture ends. Here comes the real first act.

Article quotes:

"The [neocon] Federal Emergency Management Agency asked the [neocon] Pentagon to activate its [neocon INVENTED] U.S. Northern Command's joint task force in case troops were needed... We're gonna be reinventing New Orleans," said Bill Lokey, regional director of FEMA." [It's easier to do that once we have destroyed it, you see.].

FEMA is led by Mike Brown, inserted into FEMA just before 9-11 as mere "counsel", and later, mere months after 9-11, finds himself in charge of all of FEMA, which is quickly inserted into the Department of Homeland Security. That is of course invented by the neocons as well. The neocon Pentagon is/was headed by Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz, both tight with the Bush family for over 30 years, during Nixon and Ford administations. Wolfowitz and George H. W. Bush was the CIA Director work together on "Team B", the beginnings of the rabid pro-imperial Christian Zionist military alliance back in the late 1970s. Third, NORTHCOM was started up under Eberhart, who likely oversaw the 9-11 standwown, when he was head of NORAD then. All have "9-11 beneficiary" written all over them.

I think a global chess game is opening on the board of the United States, with these NORTHCOM international NATO personnel mobilized for domestic troop action on the Gulf Coast states.

Meanwhile, Americans fend for themselves:

"...[D]ozens of fishermen from up to 200 miles away floated in on caravans of boats to pull residents out of flooded neighborhoods." [Fishermen? Wha? Is this the Fishermans Emergency Management Agency? So much for the real FEMA, set up more to be a population panic management organization, a news censorship organization, and a local police jurisdictional suspension organization whenever convenient "emergencies" happen to crop up.

"On some of the few roads that were still passable, people waved at passing cars with empty water jugs, begging for relief. Hundreds of people appeared to have spent the night on a crippled highway. [Let's hear it for FEMA, oh, sorry, I mean the Department of Homeland Security and NORTHCOM. New Orleans is just another pretext for them, plus the whole levee defunding issue by the neocons shows their misapplied funding and concerns, or perhaps evidence of forethought. More at the link below.]

"More than a million people across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were without power and clean drinking water. Millions more were displaced by Monday's storm, and officials feared it could be months before most would be able to return [to NORTHCOM international patrolled areas in the Southern United States, giving NORTHCOM has a useful "learning experience" in dealing militarily "live" with Americans outside a mere drill environment in a real live martial law context. After all, martial law--in the name of "curfews" have been given throughout Mississippi as well.]

"Around noon, New Orleans/Pontchartrain 'equalized'; Walter Baumy of the Army Corps of Engineers said that it could be weeks before the water is removed from the city, but that he is confident New Orleans' pumps, once they are back in service, can handle the load. The Army Corps of Engineers said it planned to use [Planned to? When? Let's just do it, ok? THEY HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS "we're gonna..." strategy FOR TWO DAYS ALREADY.]...heavy-duty Chinook helicopters to drop 15,000-pound bags of sand and stone as early as Wednesday night into the 500-foot gap in the failed floodwall. The latest excuse for not really doing that like they said, despite the "we're gonna..." fist smacking emphasis of the quote, was that "the agency said it was having trouble getting the sandbags."

[Diplomatically put,] "New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said last night that efforts to stop the flow of water were failing." [Certainly they are failing, there's a conflict of interest: why solve the crisis that creates a blossoming martial police state? This is what Bush has wanted from 9-11 onward: total U.S. martial law, the suspension of the Constitution, and all that entails--forever.]

"Lt. Kevin Cowan of the state Office of Emergency Preparedness said there is no way to determine with any accuracy how many died..." [so FEMA's success or failure is thus unable to be evaluated or future deaths in New Orleans from martial law killings will be undocumentable.] "But [being the brilliant high paid guy that he is...] he noted that since thousands of people had been rescued from roofs and attics, it could be assumed that there were lots of others who were not saved. [Wow. Thanks for that enlightening comment.] "You have a limited number of resources, [and why is that?] for an unknown number of evacuees. It's already been several days. You've had reports there are casualties. You all can do the math," he said. [Any more questions? Am I callous enough yet? Don't ask me how to do the math or what equation my "unknown numbers" and unknown "limited reponses" and "lots of others" really go into. I think this really shows my grasp of the situation. Bite me. This is martial law, which was declared for New Orleans as well.]

"As the sense of desperation [and abandonment by the government] deepened in New Orleans, hundreds of people wandered up and down Interstate 10, pushing shopping carts, laundry racks, anything they could find to carry their belongings. Sections of Interstate 10, the only major freeway leading into New Orleans from the east, lay shattered, dozens of huge slabs of concrete floating in the floodwaters. I-10 is the only route for commercial trucking across southern Louisiana."

"Most of New Orleans' 485,000 residents had heeded the order to evacuate ahead of Katrina, but thousands too poor to make the trek [and not offered any other options for public evacuation besides telling them to "get out" were left to] ride out the storm in [wooden] homes that turned into deathtraps when the floodwaters rose [even though FEMA already knew that up to 80% of the area would be innundated and in Jefferson Parish, knew that nothing would survive.] Mayor: "Katrina [and lack of public provided options to get them out] may have killed thousands." There will be a "total evacuation of the city. We have to. The city will not be functional for two or three months," Nagin said. ...woke up to a big mess - and 20- foot-deep water in large swaths of the city. Adding to the misery, officials discovered the storm [or did they cut it intentionally?] had severed a major water main, leaving the city without drinkable water." [Don't put anything past them. That's why we are in this situation.]

"Many of the evacuees - including thousands now staying in the Superdome - will be moved...........[ta da].....to the Astrodome in Houston, 350 miles away. In addition to the Houston Astrodome "solution," the Federal Emergency Management Agency was considering putting people on cruise ships, in tent cities, mobile home parks, and so-called floating dormitories - boats the agency uses to house its own employees.The Superdome swelled with thousands of storm refugees from all parts of the city. But with water rising around the stadium and aid trucks unable to reach the refugees, the 10,000-plus people were ordered to leave New Orleans - possibly for good. The governor said last night she wanted the Superdome evacuated within two days. Nagin estimated 50,000 to 100,000 people remained in New Orleans, a city of nearly half a million. He said 14,000 to 15,000 a day could be evacuated. Patients in hospital smocks were evacuated from city hospitals, and the most desperately ill were flown by chopper to hospitals deeper into Louisiana and Texas. Prisoners - some of them soaking wet after spending hours in flooded cells - were marched at gunpoint onto armored buses that took them to lockups outside of Baton Rouge.

...said people will not be allowed back into their homes for at least a month or two. With food and water scarce and looters running rampant in some neighborhoods, officials declared martial law and prepared to abandon... [so are they just going to kill off everyone left?] prompting authorities to send more than 70 additional officers and an armed personnel carrier into the city. No witnesses for what is about to happen there. They will simply kill in target practice if possible, perhaps practicing urban warfare?] Police officers were asking residents to give up any guns... [However, a showdown is in the making because] A giant new Wal-Mart in New Orleans was looted, and the entire gun collection was taken, ...

Thousands dead, estimates Mayor Nagin. If the mayor's estimate holds true, it would make Katrina the nation's deadliest hurricane since 1900, when a storm in Galveston, Texas, killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people. The death toll in the San Francisco earthquake and the resulting fire has been put at anywhere from about 500 to 6,000.


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Hurricane Katrina STEERED for New Orleans? 3000 Louisiana Nat. Guard off in Iraq bogus war
author: impeach the vacationing Bush
OK, I'll say it. I know you are thinking it like I am.
HAARP anyone? --- Bankrupt Venezuela? --- convenient federal FEMA militarization while Louisiana National Guard in Iraq?

Katrina has gone from Cat 1 to Cat 5 in days. It was even briefly downgraded lower than Cat 1 to a tropical storm as it left South Florida! Meterologists admit mystification--or feign mystification--at it. Now, devastation from Katrina is to be around 500x worse than the damage delivered to South Florida. A Category 5 hurricane does not cause five times as much damage as a Category 1. It causes 500 to 1,000 times the damage, hurricane scientists say, because the power of a storm increases exponentially as wind speeds grow.

In 1976 there was a U.N. Treaty, which Nations signed, promising not to affect each other using weather warfare. So...in other words, the technology was available then...to at least some degree.