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Craigslist offers space to help Katrina survivors

Craigslist is being used by people all over the US to offer help to refugees of Hurricane Katrina. Maybe you can offer help too. Check it out!
I went out to check something on Craigslist today and I noticed that all the craigslist cities located in the path of Hurricane Katrina were in large red letters. I went to the listing for New Orleans and then to "volunteers". What I saw there was amazing! People from all over the US offering to help the Hurricane refugees. Many were opening up there homes to "Katrina" families who have no place to go. Once again we see that people can organize mutual assistance projects that offer real help, not just more government boondoggles.

Check it out folks...it's just amazing. The only thought I had was I wondered if these refugees have access to computers to see these posts. Perhaps the Red Cross can check out these offers of help.


How to find the craigslist help: craigslist > new orleans > volunteers
Craigslist has whole section on Katrina relief 01.Sep.2005 08:30


There is a whole section on Craigslist dedicated to organizing relief efforts in the New Orleans area. It is organized so people can contribute to those agencies and efforts that are on the ground. Check that out!