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why isn't Indymedia setting up topics around Katrina?

why isn't Indymedia setting up topics around Katrina?
why isn't Indymedia setting up topics around Katrina?
huh? 01.Sep.2005 15:11


what do you mean by this?

i would say that katrina is getting as much coverage from indymedia because there isnt an independant angle right now. since there re very few people there and there it is hard to get any news aside from that of releif workers and corporate media, there isnt a story for indymedia to tell.

however, the fact remains...what the hell are you trying to say?

noone knows where to put stuff 01.Sep.2005 15:24

another imcista

I myself don't know how to categorize Katrina related posts. "environment" is kinda right. But what about disaster relief? Shouldn't that count as "social services"? I think this comment stems from that frustration. Maybe a category called "disasters" is in order. What with global warming, we're bound to have plenty more of them where this one came from.

huh redo. 01.Sep.2005 15:38

first imcista

sorry about that first comment. i re-read it and it just sounds bitter i didnt mean it to be bitter. i just didnt know what was being asked and then read into it.

anyway. i think the best place to put things about hurricane katrina would be on the neworleans.indymedia site. they have breaking news up there currently and are helping people on the ground and offering coverage that you probably wouldnt see in the corporate media.

i like to think that because there are so many indymedia centers and they are based on cities for the most part that local news should be kept local. while hurricane katrina after effects can and will affect people in the pacific northwest, things about it that arent also about the pacific northwest or cascadia in particular i would rather see at neworleans.indymedia.org...which is where i would think many people would go for this. and i think that they do/will have a huricane katrina topic.

i just dont think that an indymedia for southern cascadia, however popular it is, should be a dumping ground for stories from everywhere...it muddles the reason so many indymedia centers exist.

I second imcista... 01.Sep.2005 15:44

Pravda or Consequences

IndyMedia is us.

If you don't see the topic you are interested in, then do the research and make a difference.

katrina 02.Sep.2005 11:17


We need a new section highlighting Katrina. We NEED discussion. The corporate media is asking questions. Where are we?

disaster 02.Sep.2005 11:24


People are dying. The government is ignoring them. This is a huge, urgent issue facing all humans. The observation of this disaster shows what is wrong with our country, the class divisions, lack of gov. help, disorgnization, and the disregard for humanity. We need to get active. The people there need help. Look for what you can do.

Even the mass media is asking questions. < link to video.msn.com Where is indymedia when people need leaders?

put it under global 02.Sep.2005 14:27


don't let your confusion over how to categorize the discussion inhibit the discussion. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath is a global news item, one of the biggest right now. People in the Pacific NW want to talk about it, need to talk about it. Its not just New Orleans' problem!

I live in the Pacific NW and and have read the posts available on new orleans indymedia, which are great. i came here hoping to engage in discussion with fellow cascadians.

not an independent angle? 02.Sep.2005 14:50

khaos again

"i would say that katrina is getting as much coverage from indymedia because there isnt an independent angle right now"

you're wrong about that. there is always an independent angle. if you don't know that, why are you an imcista? the indy angle is represented on neworleans.indymedia. so why not here?

here is a good place to start educating yourself about the independent angle:
<b><a href=" http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2005/09/4043.php">Great article!: Notes From Inside New Orleans</a></b> by Jordan Flaherty</b> Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 4:03 PM Flaherty writes for leftturn.org.

"Long before Katrina, New Orleans was hit by a hurricane of poverty, racism, disinvestment, de-industrialization and corruption. Simply the damage from this pre-Katrina hurricane will take billions to repair."

working link 02.Sep.2005 15:02


i forgot to publish my last comment in html

here is the working link to Flaherty's article.


new orleans? 02.Sep.2005 19:46


New Orleans Indymedia is offline now.