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government | katrina aftermath

"response" to NOLA Hurricane - can you imagine a NYC Nuke?


if this is how FEMA / Homeland Security / whatever is supposed to "prepare" for or "effectively respond" to a ****natural**** disaster -
then WHAT ON EARTH would they do if a large US city had a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack [YEAH - whether it was "terrorists" or Bu$hitScamCo. themselves]?

corporate news is now describing NOLA as "total anarchy".

every aspect of the "response", from:

>>search & rescue
>>potable water

Has been a 100% FUCK UP.

there has also been A LOT of RACIST, CLASSIST slant to the corporate media coverage, as if "well, they were warned . . . why didn't they just JUMP IN THEIR CARS and Get The Hell Out?" newsflash: not every POOR PERSON in New Orleans owns or has access to a car.

and what would happen after a Nuclear Weapon just incinerated half the car tires in a major city? how would people "evacuate" then?

FEMA and "Homeland Security" are quite obviously a bunch of useless bullshit garbage, as proven by Katrina and the Bu$hitScamCo. "management" of them.
current doctrine 02.Sep.2005 17:15

sting wazoo

During the 70s and 80s Civil Defense who then morphed into FEMA offered training to the public and maintained Disaster Administrations in all major cities and in many rual areas. I was trained as a radiological monitor and was even issued equipment. In the late 80s my equipment was recalled and I was told that my services would no longer be needed and the Administrative bodies were also shut down. I think that failure to come up with good plans for evacuation and support of the public was motivated by a lack of funding (was diverted to other "Pork" priojects) and the fact that most people envolved at the upper levels found the problems insurmountable so just decided to hide their heads in the sand and leave us to our own devices. You see the result of that way of thinking in NOLA now. Demand to be trained and to have a viable plan for each city and rual area (i.e. equipment and supplies staged ahead of time no matter how long it sits). This is our Government, we own it, time to make it do what we want not what the Neocons and rich assholes want.