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Stopped from Leaving New Orleans on Bridge by Men with Shotguns

Trapped in New Orleans
I just saw a story on CNN about white tourists hiring a bus for $2500 to take them out of New Orleans. However, the bus was commandeered by the military so they tried to walk out of New Orleans over the bridge.

A male tourist claimed that a line of policemen with shotguns prevented them from leaving the city by crossing the bridge.

The story didn't say how they escaped from the city eventually, but the white tourists thanked a young black man in military fatigues for saving their lives. They said they would have died if they stayed in the city.

Why are people being prevented from leaving the city? This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. These people were trying to walk to safety and the police are preventing them?
"Why are people being prevented from leaving the city?" 02.Sep.2005 00:40

Tony Blair's dog

Because the Bush administration wants them dead?

control... 02.Sep.2005 07:50


My guess is that they weren't to leave because this is what the brave new world that they've been preaching, and not even the worst-case scenario of the dog-eat-dog world that the politicians have led us to. When it all goes down, it will be worse than this, and they need to control the damage, not from the storm, (they don't give a shit; money is made from destruction and 'rebuilding,' right?) but the damage that shows from a society that has lost, through policy, the ability to protect itself through compassion and love, exposing them and their vision of heartlessness. We all swim in their toxic shit. Send some more bags of ice, George. The beer is getting warm, and I need some for my rum and coke...

Trapped Tourist 05.Sep.2005 07:21

J Chapman jpchapman221@aol.com

Why.Why..Why? The million dollar question.
Correction-Our hotel "MONTELEONE" paid $25,000.00 for 10 charter buses to get us out ot the city. The were taken my MP's one block away. We then were told to walk across the bridge leading out and allowed us to walk (a group of 150+) up the bridge passed us with sirens blasting. They posted up and the very top only to fire the rifles and say GO BACK. I was the must horrific six days of my life. Sleeping on the concrete with no food or water. MP's with there weapons drawn, cold faces, no communication. Everything you read is true multipled by 20, and the things they don't want people to see. HORRIBLE. Murders, Senior dying, Baby dying the dead laying on the road. graveyards with bodies floating out of the graves. Children being rapped in a Convention that should have been protected.


They got a school bus from some where and to me and some of my group to
our final "REFUGEE" camp was on the side on the road @ rt 10 causeway blvd. SWAMP landfill. 10K people staged on a exit ramp. Stand around waiting again for "BUSES".
I can say after GW Bush flew over we finally got food and bottled water. Red cross showed up and thing looked up. After 36 hours I managed to escape the camp to Texas!!!!!! and them on to Baltimore.

trapped tourist
trapped tourist