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First hand accounts of what's happening

They're having to stack the dead bodies . . .
If you want to read some first hand accounts of the horror unfolding in the aftermath of Katrina, check out  link to www.nola.com

here's some samples of stories from hospitals:
Doctors, patients and staff are stranded at Baptist Hospital (extended campus of Memorial Hospital). My brother, Dr. Bryant King, is stranded there and has been sending occassional text messages to let us know the situation.
Surrounded by 5 feet of water that has become dangerous to even swim through, these people have had no electricity since 5:00 a.m, Monday.
They've lost patients just because there is no electricity. They're having to stack the dead bodies outside on balconies because the disease and stench could cause more health problems that these people don't need at this time.
Sandi Waltman from 35173 writes:
I received a message this morning from someone that there are about 300 people sheltered at St. Augustine High School on AP Tourreau in the 7th ward... not far from Dillard University and the St. Bernard housing project. They have no food and no water