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Refugees? Try victims. Register these people to vote now!
I'm sorry. Is it just me or is this groundhog day gone bad. Here we go again, first the Pentagon says that invading Iraq is not the brightest idea, and oh, by the way, outside the fact we are going to kill a whole bunch of innocent elderly, women and children, well.....if you don't have a post "victory" plan well ... with no law the place is going to go in the toilet.

One week before the hurricane hit we knew the odds, we know what happens with every category of hurricane. When that storm was 72 hours out there should have been a mandatory evacuation and the military, National Guard, whatever, should have been moved into place and plans needed to start being made to handle what would be obvious to a third grader. This was going to make 911 look like a birthday party.

And now what? Is this like socio-economic triage. Gee, most of these people have lived there for generations. They live hand to mouth. Many of them as a result of a very small trickle down from the tourist and service industry. People who are really from New Orleans think it is the center of the universe. They never leave. Their children rarely leave. When they have to leave their home and the only sources of revenue they have known they have no where to to. Literally no where.

My father was the senior pastor of The Canal Street Presbyterian Church. We lived in a manse on Solomon Place when I was growing up. The people of New Orleans are like a national treasure. What is happening to them is horrible. Again, not too sound to extremist or like a conspiracy theorist, however, I can't seem to get the feeling that there is some underlying reason why the government is dragging it's feet here. Who needs terrorist when you have Allah and this administration working together. When you have a CIA with a heavy Bush legacy moving drugs into the hood so they can kill two birds with one stone, it has to give you pause.

If this was San Francisco, Seattle, Connecticut or any middle class upper middle class to affluent metropolitan area in the country, I guarantee you if there were any Congressman's children in the area, this would be a whole different television show on CNN. I understand the God side of this. God does as God will. The problem here is that this is round two with this administration. They did it in Iraq and now they are doing it here. At what point does this cross the line from stupidity to criminality? Please tell me that people of their supposed intelligence, have not exhibited a wanton willful disregard for unreasonable human risk? Maybe there was no malice aforethought here, but I swear if this isn't criminal I don't know what is. And have you seen the people standing behind the President at the news conferences? Look into their eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. I wouldn't buy a used car from these people much less leave them to care for my children or elderly parents. My God, we have put them in control of the country.

How many bodies need to pile up before we the American people wake up and realize there is something very dark going on here and it isn't the skin color of the "refugees." How high does the bar have to go before we start talking impeachment and firing people for gross negligence and incompetency. Maybe there is a cause of action in civil court if we can get some criminal convictions and we can take these nut balls homes in Florida, sell them at auction and put it in a fund for the victims not unlike the other Corporate scandals that are being adjudicated. The people of this administration are thieves. What they have stolen that I know of is our pride, dignity and what used to be perceived by the rest of the world as a sense of integrity and our leadership role on the planet to do what is right as opposed to what is so blatantly wrong.

At least let's get all of these displaced people registered to vote. Then we must urge them to vote in the next two elections. If we can just do that one simple thing, maybe it will get us all on the road to stopping the downward spiral of America.

Rod Pitman
Bush the Groper 02.Sep.2005 11:36


There's W walking with Trent Lott, he's 'comforting' (and groping) two pretty young black women on the wrecked streets of Biloxi as hundreds of camera shutters click. We're told to believe he "spontaneously" bumped into them, but it's an obvious setup. Damage Control indeed. W- friend of Black People. Compassionate humanitarian. Meanwhile, back at the New Orleans concentration camp (formerly known as the Civic Center) there's STILL no food or water! Gotta love this guy! Talk about fiddling as Rome burns!

to: rAT 02.Sep.2005 12:57


Why don't you get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off? The "pretty young black women" you refer to were a mother and her young teenage daughter. Bush wasn't "groping" them. He had his arms around their SHOULDERS. Either you have a really sick mind or you need to get your eyes checked.

groping 02.Sep.2005 14:03


i wouldn't doubt it. setup: wouldn't hesitate to think it. concentration camp: why not.

Typical 02.Sep.2005 16:08


Typical PR stunt planned by Karen Hughes and executed by The Criminal Bush. All for the benefit of the stupid minds of the Fox audience.

I still say he GROPED them 02.Sep.2005 16:24


I watched the whole thing as it was broadcast live-Bush was over the line. His phony "Father Abraham" schtick breeched all normal propriety. Black people must be FURIOUS watching that clip. And can't a mother and daughter both be young and attractive? YOU'RE the perv pal.

You're sick, rAT 02.Sep.2005 17:25


You're the one with the sick mind, seeing things that never happened. I never said or implied that a mother and daughter couldn't be young and attractive.

I also watched it as it was broadcast live, and several times since then. I didn't see anything that any normal person would consider inappropriate. Get your mind out of the gutter. You need help.