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Whither FEMA?

The response of the federal government has come under attack from all directions. In the attached audio clip, the Mayor of Slidell Louisiana, Ben Morris, had some choice words to say about Fema. I share them with you.
FEMA has an ostensibly worthy mission -- in real life shit happens and somebody has to clean up. However according to reports of the last several years, FEMA is now more concerned with mass insurrection and coordinating martial law than it is with *real* disasters. Their lack of effective response to the Katrina fiasco tends to bear that out.

Please note that Ben Morris is one of the homeless and has lost track of his family.

Audio freely borrowed from WWL in New Orleans
FEMA proves the federal government is useless. 02.Sep.2005 19:41


FEMA should be abolished. Their coordination hindered rescue efforts and prevented citizens from rescuing one another. Their "help" destroyed New Orleans in a way that their absense never would have.

AMFE 02.Sep.2005 23:47


FEMA uses disaster relief and recovery as cover for its primary purpose: to prepare for and support continuity of federal government (COG) under all conceivable scenarios--insurrection, nuclear holocaust, natural disaster, et al. Note that up to a point those two missions (general societal welfare due to disaster and ensuring the endurance of the State) overlap.

That FEMA, persistently, never "quite" scores well in handling civilian disaster relief--close, sort of, kind of--but never fully on top of things, always getting raked over the coals by congress, is part of the charade. What FEMA really has its eyes on--its overiding mission, where most of its resources are vested--are dealing with the potential and imminent threats to "law and order" at the federal level.

If FEMA resources were truly thown in whole heartedly and in good faith to confront and ameliorate the effects of disasters on the citizenry, it would be off its guard. That's were the paths diverge.

It might be more realistic if it's thought of as the Agency for Management of Federal Emergenies.

Where's Cheney? 03.Sep.2005 00:37


No where in sight? Planning his attack on Iran?