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Corporate news begins to cover the economic/energy collapse

I was searching for something on Yahoo just now and came across this news pages. WOW! Yahoo is collecting stories about the economic and energy collapse that is happening right now. Did you know that there are imposed energy blackout in California right now? Read these yahoo headlines.
So, here it is. Right out there in peoples faces. All over the world governments are responding to the fact that we are running out of oil. Some say it is because of Katrina. You will find a story about rebels blowing up pipelines in Irag...and that is the reason for the worldwide shortage. Canada is trying to cover our oil/energy asses by sending in oil to the US. the Canadian government is also asking its citizens to start conserving. India is far ahead. The leaders of India are asking it's citizens to wean themselves of all fossil fuel and start using alternative energy.

It's all right here...out front...from corporate media sources.

Read on...

Energy News

From Yahoo.com
 link to news.yahoo.com

Motorists line up for gasoline on Interstate 10 in Biloxi, Mississippi early September 3, 2005. Severe fuel shortages exist following the passing of Hurricane Katrina. The head of the West's energy watchdog said in an interview on Saturday that Hurricane Katrina could spark a worldwide energy crisis if damage to U.S. refineries led to a big increase in U.S. purchases of European petrol. (Joe Skipper/Reuters)
IEA chief warns of global energy crisis Reuters - Sat Sep 3,10:23 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - The head of the West's energy watchdog said in an interview on Saturday that Hurricane Katrina could spark a worldwide energy crisis if damage to U.S. refineries led to a big increase in U.S. purchases of European petrol.
* Iraq's Kirkuk crude oil exports halted-source Reuters - Sat Sep 3, 8:21 AM ET

KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) - All exports of Iraq's Kirkuk crude oil through a major pipeline to Ceyhan on Turkey's Mediterranean coast were stopped on Saturday after a bomb blast set the pipeline on fire, an oil ministry source said.
* Conservation needed to keep PM's promise to provide more energy to U.S. Canadian Press - Fri Sep 2, 5:20 PM ET

SASKATOON (CP) - Prime Minister Paul Martin promised Friday that Canada will provide more energy to the U.S. in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, but with oil production already flat-out, Canadians will have to use less fuel to create the extra supply.
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder addresses a news conference in Berlin September 2, 2005. Schroeder said that Germany supported a request by the U.S. to the International Energy Agency for the release of some international oil reserves onto the market. (Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)
IEA taps emergency oil Reuters - Fri Sep 2, 3:13 PM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - The West's energy watchdog on Friday launched a rescue plan to ease fuel shortages in the United States after Hurricane Katrina hit refinery operations.
National Guard troops rest outside the Convention Center as evacuees remain stranded in New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, September 3, 2005. The U.S. military will send an additional 10,000 National Guard troops to Louisiana and Mississippi to help in hurricane relief, bringing to 40,000 the number of such troops there, the Pentagon said on Saturday. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
Canada to send 91,000 bpd extra crude to US Reuters - Fri Sep 2, 2:49 PM ET

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada is set to pledge an extra 91,000 barrels per day of crude oil to the United States to help make up for shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina, a Canadian official said on Friday.

* Indian president urges cut in fossil fuel use AFP - Mon Aug 15, 1:10 AM ET

NEW DELHI (AFP) - President Abdul Kalam has urged Indians to reduce dependence on oil, gas and coal imports and rely instead on cleaner and cheaper energy sources to power its booming economy.


* Extremely strong typhoon on course to hit Japan AFP - Fri Sep 2,11:01 AM ET

TOKYO (AFP) - An extremely strong typhoon was churning towards Japan Friday and was on course to hit the nation's main southern island next week, the meteorological agency said.

MIAMI - Tropical Storm Maria was gathering energy from warm ocean water in the open Atlantic on Saturday but posed no immediate threat to land.

"Some strengthening is forecast ... and Maria could be near hurricane strength by Sunday," said Jack Beven, a hurricane specialist at the
National Hurricane Center.

At 11 a.m. EDT, the storm had maximum sustained wind of 60 mph up 10 mph from early morning and was centered 770 miles northeast of the northern Leeward Islands, about 835 miles southeast of Bermuda.

It was moving northwest, a track that could take it east of Bermuda, at 15 mph, forecasters said.

Maria would be the season's fifth hurricane if its sustained wind speed reaches 74 mph.

Maria is the 13th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, one of the busiest on record. Historically, only about four or five named storms form by this time of year, according to the hurricane center. Peak storm activity typically occurs from the end of August through mid-September.

The season began June 1 and ends Nov. 30.