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Real Relief for Katrina Victims

Hippies Load up a School Bus and
do it the old fashioned way--without government assistance
Real Relief for Katrina Hurricane Victims

I know where you can send your money to make sure the people in Louisiana and Mississippi get assistance RIGHT AWAY
Here it is:

From its headquarters in southern Tennessee, Plenty International is sending relief supplies, food, water and medicines, to refugees from the hurricane Katrina battered Delta regions in Louisiana.

A volunteer from California has flown out to Nashville and purchased a full-size school bus which is being stocked with supplies for the first run which is headed to Alexandria, Louisiana.

Besides bringing in much needed supplies, the bus will be able to transport people from over-crowded temporary quarters to better and more permanent facilities such as the college dorms and homes that are being offered. We will continue to make these bus runs as long as we
can and they are needed.

We are especially targeting the people who inevitably are falling through the cracks of the larger scale relief efforts being mounted by such agencies as the National Guard, FEMA and Red Cross.

This is one of those disasters that has been predicted for many years, but now that it has come crashing down, it's difficult to comprehend the human devastation. All we can do is open our hearts and our wallets and reach out to the innocent victims and help them,first just to survive, and then to put their lives back together.

To donate, please go here:  http://www.plenty.org

Or send a check to Plenty, Box 394, Summertown, TN 38483

Email us with questions or ideas here:  plenty@plenty.org

All donations to Plenty are tax-deductible

Alan Graf

homepage: homepage: http://www.hippielawyer.com

Thanks Alan! 03.Sep.2005 14:47


That's just the sort of thing I was looking for.

Wonderful! 03.Sep.2005 17:48


I have copied and forwarded this article to everyone I can think of who might be interested.