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Rebuild New Orleans?

natural disaster or God, this is a wake-up call - Do not build shitty housing below sea-level. This is a call to not waste tax money in a really stupid reinvestment.
The extent to which the US invests in rebuilding New Orleans deserves a healthy debate. No one should question the suggestion by House Speaker Dennis Hastert that New Orleans may never be completely rebuilt. An event such as Katrina which demonstrates the full power of God means that it's possible we did something wrong. It is fundamental to consider the geography that God intended for this area and to honor that natural way would be most wise. When the nation's head has run full force into a brick wall - why back up and run into it again? That's stupidity - and that's what rebuilding New Orleans is about if certain interests have their way. It is also important to consider the costs of enduring such a devastating disaster again. Our national recovery efforts should be aimed at the salvage and relocation of a large portion of low-lying communities.

The fact is, New Orleans is mostly below sea-level and prone to hurricanes which may increase in their severity. This combination suggests that humans should not make their homes in this area in such dense and immovable dwellings with all the requisite infrastructure. We should seriously consider the Mississippi delta as a primarily agriculture zone with low population density and inexpensive or durable infrastructure such as railroads for shipping.
Long-term or semi-permanent structures must be designed with flooding in mind and must have flood insurance. It absolutely boggles the mind how one could own a home below sea-level and not have flood insurance.

Salvage, relocation, and minimal infrastructure economy should be the centerpeices of our national recovery efforts. New Orleans should be a great city, but this is our opportunity to wipe clean the poverty and desperation that has plagued that city for so long. And for Mississippi to be making half a million dollars per day on gambling revenues (according to CNN) - that is just shameful. Do they not read the Holy Bible down there in Mississippi? I thought politicians from there were always touting the Scriptures for policy guidance. I think the Bible says gambling is a no-no. Folk, it's time to get back to respecting that which God has given us. Even if you're atheist, we all must share in our respect for this beautiful natural world, which has been given to us. It is a gift, and we would be wise to honor this Creation and center our lives around that love for God and all His things. We're damned to think life should be centered around ourselves. And all God's people said, "Amen."

Just so you're aware and not ignorant, the Democrat-leaning liberals need ways to connect their message with people of faith. You can argue that the fundamentalists Right has a monopoly on religion in this country or you can demonstrate that religion is not owned by anyone and that the fundamentalists are actually heretics and hypocrites....

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