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Kanye West and the Red Cross

You might have watched the Red Cross relief concert for hurricane Katrina last night on channel eight. I watched the washed out singers sing songs that no one has listened to since the late 80's. I watched actors preach about how there was still hope for the people of New Orleans and that all we had to do was give money. Face-lifts whose voice and spirit was nothing more than the words on the teleprompter someone else conveniently wrote for them, blurted words like prayer and hope.

I kept watching until I noticed this was a repeat, a repeat of the relief concert for 9/11. These actors and musicians did not come there to voice their opinions, they came reassure the public that Red Cross was helping as best as it could and all it would need is more money. And then, when I was about to change the channel, a brave voice told the story not covered by the media. Kanye West went off script to voice the real problem. He talked about the racism in New Orleans. He talked about how the police are murdering innocent families who are just trying to survive. He talked about how the busses never came for them. He talked about how black people are dying and not being supported as "best as they could" based on the color of their skin. The truth was finally being heard.
The truth of the matter is the corporate media cannot cover this one up. People are starting to wonder, why aren't these people being helped? Why is the main concern stopping looters instead of helping these people? Why are they killing people when they should be saving them?

Kanye spoke out. He didn't prepare a speech because he wanted to talk from his heart. When Kanye was supposed to talk about how great of job the Red Cross was doing, he instead talked about what was really going on. When I saw this it made me smile. It made me think, hey, you know, people out there actually do care. People out there actually think this is screwed up.

Today, news casters are starting to say that there is some sort of racial discrimination happening in New Orleans. Even the Oregonian reported a story about unfair treatment in terms of race today. The government is telling us that when white people try to get food they are finding food, but when black people try to get food they are looting and should be shot. For Christ's sake people are dying. Controlling people who are robbing stores should be secondary to saving peoples lives. Do we really put possessions over people?

The point of this article is that people do care about how this is being handled. How they are controlling this issue is wrong and needs to be corrected. But you won't find our faithful president trying to stop this act of classism and racism. You'll find people like Kanye West, or people like you or me trying to stop this. What is happening down there is wrong and we need to do something about it. These are people we are talking about. So write a letter, make a sign, tell a neighbor, or get out in the streets. People are dying because of the color of their skin and we are sitting idly by. It's time to stop this, it is time to do something about it.
"Do we really put possessions over people?" 03.Sep.2005 18:33

Tony Blair's dog

You found the most important question.

The one to bring the king down.

Time to galvanize the PEOPLE-NOT-PROFIT movement 04.Sep.2005 07:56


We've had so many issues at stake the past few years (war, Bush, police problems, global warming, etc.) that we seem to have neglected the old class and capitalist-related issues. It's time to get serious about what Kanye West was saying, that we are valuing profits over people, and we need to advocate the opposite paradigm (socialism).

Das Right 04.Sep.2005 21:10

Wouldn't You Like To Know?

George Bush does not care about black people. Powerful Words from a man whose CD I just bought today.

Not A Race Issue 12.Sep.2005 12:17


WHY IS THIS A RACE ISSUE? Kanye should have simply said that Bush doesn't care about ANY OF OUR PEOPLE. Black, white, it doesn't matter. As long as our government looks good to the other countries, they can forget all of our OWN PEOPLE who are dying! I have family down there and THEY ARE STILL MISSING. Am I screaming that this is a race issue? NO! Why? Because it isn't. The government just wants our money and doesn't want to help us when we may need it back...

Katrina- George Bush's miracle 12.Sep.2005 21:42

Ayo Akinola

Hurricane Katrina was a blessing for George W Bush. It helped wash away the "scum" of Louisiana and Mississippi. Let's not act surprised at his actions, when else will he have the opportunity to estinguish the poor, the blacks and unabled? Karina washed those suckers away and as for the rest (those pesky survivors), if we leave them they too will die eventually.

it's about being poor or stubborn 12.Sep.2005 22:48


if you are poor you are going to be stubborn to leave what you have worked hard to get and to keep. It's not about color at this point, it's about humans not caring for other humans. It seems that the people (white or black) in the flooded and storm surged countryside got the same lack of response as did the people in the cities. Instead of critisizing what wasn't done is there a way all of us concerned can formulate an independent response team? I wanted to load my van up with water and drive to the folks at the convention center but how many people would I have helped? ...300? but with a network maybe everyone.