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The Right Of Return To and the Right To Remain In New Orleans.

As the White House launches its sociopathic defense of the FuckYou Government response to Huricain Katrina the latest from the dry ground in New Orleans is that even neighborhoods that did not flood, that are high and dry must be evacuated.
The Right Of Return To and the Right To Remain In New Orleans.

By Lloyd Hart

As the White House launches its sociopathic defense of the FuckYou Government response to Hurricane Katrina the latest from the dry ground in New Orleans is that even neighborhoods that did not flood, that are high and dry must be evacuated. In other words all residents of New Orleans must leave the city according to the National Guard. This according to Mary Ratcliff at  http://sfbayview.com who is in direct contact with Malik Rahim who is in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans.


The sociopathic defense being put up by the White House culminated in an all federal press conference just staged by Donald One-Celled Rumsfeld on national television today in which they are continuing to create the myth that the Federal response was and is completely appropriate and that if there is anyone to blame it is the local and state officials. This of course could only come out of the minds of the sociopaths in the White House in response to what they know is the Bush regime's own failure to deal with the planning for and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. By not having the mayor of New Orleans, mayors of other hard hit cities and towns and the governors of the Gulf states affected at today's press conference the White House is removing from the public eye two very important layers of government.

First Mit Romney the Republican governor of Massachusetts on Friday afternoon in the national media began to blame local and state officials in the Gulf states for the late response. Then an article pops up  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/09/324052.shtml that has rep. Sweeney (R) NY asking for the Bush regime to put Rudi Guiliani in charge of the disaster relief and claiming the 911 excuse of it "was a surprise attack" and that nobody "expected the levees to break." This also being echoed in the article by Newt Gingrich former Speaker the House and author of the Fuck You Contract with America.

Then that same day at 6:00 p.m. Lou Dobbs of CNN's Moneyline begins to lay into the race issue which blew up in Bush's two dimensional view of the world in an attempt to give a racist oversimplification of what New Orleans, Louisiana and the south in general have had to struggle with for over 400 years of bone breaking, skull crushing history.

Lou Dobbs had the gall to actually say and I may be paraphrasing "The Mayor is black, the chief of police is black, the population in New Orleans is over 60 percent black. Why have they escaped criticism from black leaders in America?" " Why are the black leaders only attacking Bush?"as if to say the problem for New Orleans is the black leadership and Black folks own fault.

Then George Neumayr, the executive editor of The American Spectator, in "Masques of Death." writes according to  http://rawstory.com that "Its dangerous geography, combined with a dangerous culture, made it susceptible to an unfolding catastrophe."

Then on Friday night someone feeds Harry Connick jr. a lie that he then repeats to the media that the Mayor, C. Ray Nagin had left the city of New Orleans, essentially abandoning the survivors to their own devices. Which Harry Connick Jr. to his credit corrected on CNN's Larry King show last night stating that clearly that he was the victim of a lie and a rumor " the mayor did not leave the city at any point in the crisis."

Then to cap it all off, it is reported through out the corporate media spin machine that "most of the New Orleans police force walked off the job during the crisis" which we find out in the New York Times today is simply not true.

 link to www.nytimes.com

Nobody in the corporate media still has asked the question: Mr. Bush why did you fly right by the Gulf states and New Orleans to Los Angeles California to give a speech instead of going straight to the disaster area on Tuesday.


There are several reasons why New Orleans should not be totally controlled by the federal government and completely evacuated. The first and foremost is that local population should be the ones hired into the cleanup and reconstruction process as it is their jobs in the City of New Orleans that have been destroyed. Local contractors and local construction personnel should be given the contracts that are dispersed and specifically in the City of New Orleans the Mayor's Office should be the office handling the dispersal of those contracts. As someone who worked on the Big dig in Boston I can tell you straight up you don't want Bechtel Corp. building your dikes and levees after the leaky tunnels they built for us in Boston.

If there are dry homes that have not been flooded and there are people living in them, they should not be evacuated and people who wish to return to those dry homes should be allowed to. A civil society can not repair and redevelop if there are no citizens with a long history of the community to do so. And because of the varying degrees of flooding many homes are less damaged than others and therefore repairable.

Everyone must be for warned that there are greedy developers already rubbing their hands together hoping to use the recent corrupt Supreme Court ruling of imminent domain which allows for transferring private property into the hands of private developers to turn the city into some bizarre Disneyland version of New Orleans that existed before the hurricane but without the middle, working class, and poor folks that created the wonderful expression of culture that turned the pain and suffering caused by slavery into the healing power of the music New Orleans has become as famous for. The music born in Africa, raised on the plantation fields of America by black slaves and through the 20 century, the music that has become the road to our collective salvation.

If any of those folks that have been evacuated and not just the homeowners but the tenants as well lose their right to return to where they lived before Hurricane Katrina because of some nefarious claim that the market must be allowed to shake out the unproductive population in the reconstruction process then you can be sure the music will truly die. Assassinated by white gentrification.

The gentrification that was already taking place in New Orleans must not be allowed to accelerate or restart at all simply because the white guys in White House have decided to take complete charge of the disaster because of the Reagan and Bush regimes deliberate undermining of all Federal departments that deal directly with the civil society in America creating the "Fuck You Government."

Just so you think about this a little. Another reason the white guys in the white house may want complete control of New Orleans may be to control and prevent the body count in the city from becoming the next stage of Bush Regime's worst P.R. nightmare. You know, just like Iraq "We don't count the Civilian casualties."


homepage: homepage: http://dadapop.com

Blanco equally to blame as Bush, Nagin dodging questions 04.Sep.2005 16:26

Impeach Bush NOW!

Clearly Bush and his incompetent cronies Chertov and Brown are continuing to pursue an ideological agenda instead of just getting the job done. But conservative commentators like this one:


are absolutely correct that Blanco and Nagin, and the Democratic Party, have every bit as much to answer for as Bush and the Republicans.

Consider this:
"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had hoped to plug the breaches by dropping 1,360-kilogram sand bags from twin-rotored CH-53 helicopters.
Another plan was to use shipping containers filled with gravel.
But neither option has gone well so far.
"The challenge is an engineering nightmare," Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana told ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday.
"The National Guard has been dropping sandbags into it, but it's like dropping it into a black hole."
In addition, there was a report of a pump failure Tuesday night.
On Wednesday morning, Blanco called for the complete evacuation of New Orleans."

Nagin ordered mandatory evacuation almost a week earlier, but Blanco obviously did not agree with that order, and hence did not echo his evacuation order with her own, and thus activate the National Guard for evacuation-level search-and-rescue, until the following Wednesday, until the city had been submerged overnight, until it was WAY TOO LATE.

Was she so persuaded by all the Dem Party's two-faced scaremongering propaganda about Bush the new Hitler (all the while supporting the most fascist of his policies) that she was afraid Homeland Security would turn N.O. into a concentration camp? Was the uncharacteristically quiet Howard Dean advising everyone in the party to let FEMA bungle things so the greater good of a Democratic mid-term sweep of the House and Senate could follow? We saw plenty of just such burn-the-village-to-save-it strategies implemeted by the Dem Party against the Nader campaign last year, so it would not be surprising if this were so. Well, better that N.O. had become a neocon concentration camp last Tuesday than the "Stronger Amerika" morgue it has become. The Democratic Party has graduated from assuming it owns the votes of black folk to assuming that it owns their very lives as well for its two-faced Utopian agenda.

Nagin himself dodged questions in an MSNBC interview today, and seemed to excuse Bush but not Blanco (my rough transcription from memory, not verbatim):

"I ordered a mandatory evacuation before the storm it. We got 80% of the population out of here, and put as many of the remaining into the Superdome as we could. We started getting the rest to the Convention Center but the National Guard was not there to help."
"There's a lot of blame to go around, but I'll say this: the police and firefighters of New Orleans held things together for three days with no help."
"I called everybody, the National Guard, the governor, Homeland Security, everybody."
When asked WHEN he called WHOM:
"I called everybody starting the day after the storm, called everybody until I got to the President of the United States, and when he got here he said he only wanted to talk to the people on the ground because he was not getting good information."

Why were the poorest people "evacuated" to the Superdome, which was still very obviously within the disaster zone, and why weren't there provisions there to last them more than a few hours? Was it because Blanco was interested in finding out what would happen there as an "experiment"?:

"Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco called the Superdome shelter strategy an "experiment", when asked if it could hold the storm or the flood. Chuck D's line about Housing Projects comes to mind when he said, "What is a project but another word for experiment?"
 link to www.infoshop.org

This is just another example of how the Democratic Party, which has controlled the governments of nearly every major urban center in the country continually for decades, regards the lives of the poor and African-Americans. They are to be used as guinea pigs for utopian dreams of Brave New World paternalistic government paradise - like Hillary Rodham Clinton's macabre assertion in a 1996 BookTV rebroadcast last night that the 21st century will be the "biology century" because all children will be "raised from birth according to principles from scientific research." In her book, "It Takes a Village" she asserts that children should be systematically removed from households led by poor and poorly educated single parents and given to good intact college-educated middle-class families that are prepared to raise them as every child deserves to be raised (with NPR playing continually in the background, I imagine).

Uh... 04.Sep.2005 18:39


Even the dry parts of NOLA have no water, no electricity, no sewage, and won't have them for months.

Not a good place to be...