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The actions of the Bush regime in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast amount to mass murder, whether by incompetence or design. This is an urgent situation, calling out for urgent action.
We remind all people that this regime illegitimately came to power in the first place through the disfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of Black voters. We remind all people that this regime contains highly placed officials and influential supporters with histories and viewpoints that are not only racist, but in some cases downright genocidal.

What happened in New Orleans indeed calls into question the whole history and nature of America and the national debate on this needs to rage. At the same time, New Orleans is also an extreme example of what the Bush regime in particular has meant for the masses of Black people in this country. None of this can be tolerated any longer. There can not be three more years of what happened in New Orleans. There cannot be one more day. WE CANNOT WAIT!

The initiative of ordinary people in rescuing and supporting people at risk has been heroic. The outpouring of support from all walks of life shows where people?s hearts are. But we also need, very badly, RESISTANCE.

Therefore, we call on people to mount a massive movement to politically drive out the illegitimate Bush regime. We call on people everywhere to bring this demand out wherever you go, to build and support all actions aiming to do this, and in this way to not only defend the people from even worse horrors but to begin to build a movement that can change the course of history.

At the same time, we call on all people to support and mount actions around the following demands on the government in the current crisis:

Intensify the rescue operations. Stop the repression of those volunteers who are attempting to rescue people.
Immediate and safe evacuation for all who want it. Provide support for all those wishing to remain in New Orleans. Stop the forced dispersal of people from the New Orleans area and provide assistance to people who wish to return.
Stop the killing and shooting of people attempting to meet their basic needs. Stop the demonization of Black people as "looters." Stop the aggressive actions of the National Guard and Police. NOW. And an immediate apology from Bush for his "zero tolerance for 'looters'" remark which lent force to all this repression.
Stop the censorship of the people of the affected areas. Bring out the full truth of what is happening, what did happen and how this came to be. And hold those responsible for this criminally accountable.
Immediately end the racist slander coming out from politicians and the media.


Carl Dix, National Spokesperson, Revolutionary Communist Party New York, New York

Nicholas Heyward Sr., Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr. Foundation Father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr. -- killed by NYPD, September 1994 Brooklyn, New York

Yuri Kochiyama, Long Time Political and Social Activist Oakland, California

Rev. Lawrence Lucas, Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church* New York, New York

Efia Nwangaza, Nat'l Co-Chairperson of the Jericho Movement to Free U.S. Political Prisoners Greenville, South Carolina

Juanita Young, October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality (New York Committee)* Mother of Malcolm Ferguson -- killed by NYPD, March 2000 Bronx, New York

* for identification purposes only.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.worldcantwait.org

A Question 10.Sep.2005 16:29


you wrote:

'to build and support all actions aiming to do this, and in this way to not only defend the people from even worse horrors but to begin to build a movement that can change the course of history.'

-my question is what kind of support does your party have from foreign parties/governments? - - and- are you in a position to support an armed rebellion?

the battle for amerika is not over 11.Sep.2005 04:50

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did you see that jesse jackson was just in venezuela meeting up with chavez. might be some support there if needs be. and clearly we are at that point, the one our forefathers had in mind when they wrote that: "when the long train of abuses and usurption, pursuing invariably to the same object, evinces a design to reduce {us} under absolute despotism, it is {our} right, and duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for {our} future security [declaration of independence]."

recall how the soviet empire collapsed in a blink of an eye; well, this staggering leviathan could fall even harder and faster.

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