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Candid Photo of Bush in New Orleans

Candid Photo of Bush in New Orleans
The Crimial Bush and
The Crimial Bush and "Poppy" in New Orleans
Do you think the would if they could :)
Let's Hope 10.Sep.2005 18:17


Let's hope The Idiot eats that fish caught in the toxic water :)

The Devil went down to Louisiana 11.Sep.2005 17:28

impeach Bushfraud

"The Dictator flew low over Louisiana, he was looking for real estate to steal.

"After his vacation is done, he's gonna confiscate your guns,
put screws on your thumbs, until you cry he's better than you."

"Fire in the mountain, run boys run...Bush fiddles while we flood in the Rising Sun."

Theft of Poor's Real Estate, like the Indians off their valuable lands 25.Sep.2005 10:20


I've really thought that the poor's real estate was the reason the flooding was allowed. Once all these people get relocated away from here, the properties can be seized in "Eminent Domain" and turned into Vegas-style casinos & resorts--part of the plan to "reinvigorate the area". I've already heard a Haliburtan subsidiary is doing the "rebuilding".