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The Houston Astrodome: Do You Know What Is Really Happening?

Here is some information I have been meaning to get out. There is a lot going on here in Houston and in the Astrodome. Here is some general information about what has and is going on at the moment here in Houston Texas, in and around the Astrodome.
It turns out that the city is talking about closing down all the shelters in the city this week to get people out and find them jobs. I don't know how people are going to find jobs without a place to stay, let alone no address.

More and more people are leaving the Astrodome. Family members are not being allowed in to find other family members. If your outside the gates from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. you are not allowed back in if you are a survivor. You have to wait till 5 a.m. to get back inside.

There were about 8,000 people left in the Astrodome when I was last there, and shinking. They were moving everyone to another building right across from the Astrodome last time I checked. There are free one-way tickets by plane to anywhere any survivor wants to go, all you gotta do is ask.

One of the problems though is that you have to ask if you want to get anything. There are currently not enough people going to the dome to volunteer. Much of the elderly are being overlooked as they sit in wheel chairs in the dome, and will soil themselves because there is nobody to help take them to the bathroom.

A police car was driving around last night outside "dome city" with an officer inside on his speakerphone announcing that there would be "no FEMA, no Red Cross, no debit cards today." I haven't been inside the Astrodome since then but apparently it would seem that help is slowly going away.

I was also told by a police officer inside the dome that everyone inside the dome is to be cleaned out by Saturday, joking about how it could be related to the football team playing the following day at the Relient Center.

There are no, I repeat, no riots of any sort going on inside. I have spent hours and hours inside the dome and people are in pretty good spirits considering they have lost everything. Everyone is peaceful trying to help each other out.

There are walls of names starting with "A" and ending at "W" on walls inside the Astrodome with "have you seen this person?" or, "(persons name) if you see this please call (phone number)." Thousands and Thousands of these notes are everywhere on pieces of paper of many different sizes large and small.

People inside have no idea what is going on outside of the dome. Information hasn't been coming in. They have a computer lab, but I haven't seen it because I've been on the lower levels and the lab is on the 3rd level of the Astrodome. If you want to speak to FEMA you have to go up to the 4th level. Making it difficult for some more then others to get the help they need. They have two giant jumbotrons in the asrtodome that could be used for information, but haven't been used since people started using it as a shelter.

The corporate media has been complaining about not being able to get inside in some cases, but I'm not exactly sure about all of that. They are painting a picture that everything is going well and that people are being helped. The truth of the matter is volunteers are shinking and people are trying to get out of the dome as soon as they can. They know things are going to get worse before they get better.

The health centers have been overwhelmed with people and can't take everyone in. It's been a constant problem at the dome, one that hasn't been worked out as far as I know.

People are going to try and get their $2000 debit cards at the Relient Center on Monday when I guess FEMA is going to start handing them out again. They are not handing them out to people from other shelters.

I'll post more when I can. that's it for now.
Clearing 12.Sep.2005 12:48


don't be so silly
the DOME must be cleared
don't you realize it's the beginning


Dome 16.Sep.2005 17:12


They don't use the Astrodome for football