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Thoughts on New Orleans (seen from Britain)

The terrible tragedy of New Orleans is very moving. Here are some thoughts with links to related artcles. 4 photos are attached.
Thoughts on New Orleans

The damage done to the city of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina occurred at about the same time as the dreadful stampede in Iraq when around 1,000 Shia were trampled to death in Baghdad. It seemed at first that the death toll in Iraq would greatly exceed that in Louisiana and I begrudged the fact that TV news in Britain was devoting twice as much coverage to the American disaster as to the Iraqi one.

This may sound like insensitivity I know, but consider how big news stories are so often knocked down the running order by trivia. Think about the terrible attack on Fallujah last November; this was trivialised as a cartoon game by Britain's ITN news with the BBC doing little better. The BBC Radio 4 news of the Saturday evening of the start of the assault on the city of mosques had as its lead item a detailed story on the infidelities of Conservative MP Boris Johnson. So often grubby Western interventions in the third world are pushed off the front page by celebrity tittle-tattle and stories of bush fires in Australia where no one is killed.

However as the days progressed it transpired that the people of New Orleans had experienced a really harrowing event. Early estimates suggested that more than 10,000 people might have died. As in the aftermath of September 11th there was an outpouring of sympathy and offers of assistance from many countries including the United States' poor neighbours Cuba and Venezuela.

The gross incompetence and apparent disregard of the Bush administration shocked many both in the USA and abroad. The war loving Bush regime seemed at a loss how to respond and gave the impression of being more concerned about petty looting of property than with the saving of lives.

The scenes of supplies being dropped by helicopter to the inhabitants of the city were reminiscent of food being thrown to animals in a zoo. City mayor Ray Nagin said that if New Orleans had been a white area like Orange County in California or Manhattan then the response of the federal government would have been much faster.

The BBC1 evening news of Sunday 11th September had a detailed account of the hundred or so oil platforms, which were pit out of action with an interview with an oil executive who lamented the loss of one third of production.

The Guardian newspaper of September 10th had a small front-page item on the sacking of Michael Brown, the head of the Bush administration's disaster relief effort. President Bush's falling ratings were mentioned and on page 17 there was the disturbing report of residents being ordered to leave the city or face jail. There were reports of many fundamentalist Christian radio stations suggesting that God's hand was involved in punishing New Orleans and the Gulf Coast for their wicked floating casinos which have been legal since 1992.

Left wing newspapers such as the Socialist Worker and the `Voice` (paper of the Scottish Socialist Party) were as might be expected extremely critical of Bush.
`Black and Poor left to die`, `The Price of Bush's war` and `Unnatural Disaster` were how these papers led. Jonathan Neale wrote of `New Orleans a black city left to die` and how it was a turning point in history.

Here is how the tragedy was reported online:

Here is a report from the BBC website:


Here is an interview with New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin:


Here is a history on the disaster as it unfolded from the end of August on Truthout:


Here is disturbing report on Indymedia about the use of mercenaries in the US:


My final thoughts echo those of my colleagues at Stop the War who argue the vast amounts of money and resources used to destroy the people of Iraq would have been much better used to save the lives of people in Louisiana and around the world. Bush and his gang of crazies are now surely totally discredited in the eyes of the American people as well as the rest of the world.

Four photos are attached.

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The worst is yet to come 11.Sep.2005 21:49

Blackwater and the Mexican army AND the American Military

These are all in New Orleans,and probably spreading out to Mississippi and Alabama. These are very poor, and black areas of america. This is the first time that I know of that the American Military has been deployed on our own soil. Didn't even happen durning the World Trade Center attacks (or should I say controlled demolition). They were order to stand down.

Connecting the dots isn't too difficult. Bush is "selected" then the fix was in in 2004, so no matter how you voted he'd of won. Now there is a strong hold in Louisiana for this shadow government to take over.

America is almost dead. I live in Southern California and yesterday on the news the earthquake lady that comes on whenever there is an earthquake said that in August of 2001 they had a conference on the East Coast. They examined the 3 worst senarios: attack in New York, Cat 5 Hurrican hitting the gulf coast and a catistrophic earthquake hitting San Fransisco. She said we now have 2 out of 3.

We are so screwed. Especially since the stupid Air Force and Navy can controll the weather with HAARP. HAARP can also generate earthquakes by adding energy to an existing fault. I can't explain all of the science...but there is a scientist that can: Dr. Rosalie Bertell.

You are very fortunate to live in Scotland. If I were not poor I would get the hell out of america.


'get the hell out of America' 12.Sep.2005 13:11


My view is let them try to step over that line where it comes to self defense or starvation. Then the ones who are here will rip out their lungs, Jim. The military will revolt as their families are abused, not by a forign enemy but by the mercs brought in from their third world wetwork jobs to get pissed about the low pay here at Homeland.
Prepare yourself with water food and weapons. If necessary die on your feet resisting for your brothers or sisters. We don't need anymore cowards..