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Victim Disarmament is in full swing in Police State New Orleans

The police/military troops are kicking in doors and
dragging people out by gunpoint.

No warrants.

No "due process".
No one but the police and the bodyguards of the
wealthy are allowed to have guns or defend themselves.

Everyone else is being forcefully disarmed and
removed from their homes at gun point.

These are the legally owned firearms and other
defensive tools of law-abiding people who are not
accused of any crime or doing anything to harm anyone.

Murders, rapes and assaults are happening

People have every reason to fear and prepare for
violent attacks because they have been happening day
after day and night after night.

This is what victim disarmament looks - this is the
end result of gun control.

This happening in New Orleans right now but where you
live could be next.

Here's the "official story" from the New York Times:
"New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water
Recedes" -  http://www.tinyurl.com/9ot44
The Beeman Single-Shot Pellet Rifle 12.Sep.2005 16:29


Buy 'em up while you can. Nasty little bugger. Also those cheap Chinese .22 cal air pellet rifles you see at swap meets. About $30. One pump and you're ready to rock. The Chinese army uses 'em for practice. That .22 pointed pellet is a mother too. They're all silent. You'll never win a war with these, but you can easily repel irritating unarmed assholes while you pump up the next one. Nice sawed off too. Totally legal. Get 'em while you still can. Good for small game, if you get sick of MRE's at the "Stadium".