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Dude, My Economy is Destroying My Economy!

It seems to me that we have reached that place in our endeavors in our so-called civilization where a great many grand contradictions have lined up and are in full view of the global public.
Dude, My Economy is Destroying My Economy!

By Lloyd Hart

It seems to me that we have reached that place in our endeavors in our so-called civilization where a great many grand contradictions have lined up and are in full view of the global public. These grand contradictions when transcended on the scale that is the Global distribution of information today can only serve to lay waste to humanity's grand illusion of superiority over nature and for that matter any physical matter through out the universe.

With the American military and energy consortiums with the aid of their political hacks stealing two U.S. presidential elections in a row - launching a Global resource grab, a kind of hegemonic reinstatement of the grand lie that was the Cold War presently reinvented as the War on Terror - the greatest lie told in America since WWII, the official 911 story - the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. The illusion of Western economic superiority has been completely shattered in the most important place of all. The minds of westerners and Americans. The socalled political democracy in the West and especially America don't mean shit when it comes to maintaining the global economic dictatorship.

And just to ensure that the point is driven home like a wooden stake pounded into the vampiric hearts of Westerners, the consumers of 70% of the world's resources, with the perfect and seamless timing of a Beijing opera a super storm named Katrina long predicted by those who have been warning us about the consequences of global warming takes a three hundred billion dollar plus bite out of the economy. While at same time peeling back the truth with the jagged wrenches of a manual can opener being operated by a survivor of Huricane Katrina not yet rescued - that America is not any where near a democracy let alone a sharing society. That it is an economic dictatorship. Economically and racially segregated and with the people of skin color at the abysmal most bottom most part of the economy.

It was not that important that the world see what was happening in America over the last five years or for that matter the last 400 years but rather it was more important for Westerners and doubly important for Americans to see. The people in the Third world where the majority the population barely eaks together a living, already had a very clear picture of what it was like and is like to be a person of skin color at the bottom of the modern white comtrolled global economy let alone the American economy.

But lets look at the last 400 years for a second. The two single largest investments made in America were made first by the systematic and deliberate genocide of 30 million Native Americans that provided the white European invaders with North America's land and resources and secondly by the Africans that were kidnapped by white slave traders and brought to and enslaved in America who through their slave labor built the agrarian infrastructure of America. These two most terrible investments gave the white invaders the economic and imperial power to not only throw off British rule in the late 1700's but to also create the most wasteful, environmentally destructive and arrogant, monopolistic economic dictatorship that would over the next 200 years through the most perverse, underhanded and violent means subvert the entire global economy to its will creating the modern Global Economic Dictatorship.

The best way to explain the actions of the ruling elite in America and around the world over the last 25 years that have culminated in the deepening of the economic dictatorship in America and globally through the Reagan, Thatcher dominated the International Monetary Fund and World Bank privatization paradigm is to look just below the glossy bullshit America polishes itself with every day and into the actual American economy. In other words the economy that is wholly based on the manipulation and waste of natural resources.

When you look at America carefully you can clearly see a total and utter collapse of the natural resource bank that gave America its power to rule the world. America has run out of fresh water, forests and oil and oh yeah tolerance for the lower classes and people of skin coloer. It's real simple.

Why invade and set up permanent military bases in Iraq right in the heart of the world's largest reserves of oil wasting hundreds of billions of public dollars and tens of thousands of lives to do so? Millions of lives if you count the entire U.S. and British program in Iraq where Winston Church authorized the use of poisonous gas to get control of the oil.

Because America can no longer domestically produce a majority of its oil supply that it burns up daily and the American Military that is completely dependent on oil in order to function will loose its ability to enforce the global economic dictatorship.

Why use of debt leverage through the IMF and World Bank to privatize Third World nations water supply into the hands of transnational corporations controlled by Europeans and Americans?

For the simple fact that America's own fresh water supply is not only poisoned with every carcinogen known to man but is collapsing as a result of the majority of its population living in towns and cities by the sea and completely reliant on modern corporate agrarian irrigation practices and deforestation that have the Rocky Mountain, Great Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes groundwater supplies collapsing to the point that there is really only a few years left in those wells. The western U.S. has been experiencing a 9 year drought that has finally this year moved aggressively into the corn and soybean belt in the Midwest.

In a brief period of time the North American continent and more particularly America has gone from a completely stable and rich environment to the doorstep of total collapse in fact we are halfway through the door and the wealthy elite who are behind all of this outrageous behavior that we see coming from the Bush regime and the global economy in general know it. They are obviously turning to a more complete military fascism in order to deal with it.

So in reality the so-called Global economy, the miracle of western economic superiority is actually destroying the very economy on which all life on this planet is dependent. In other words the economy that created the wealth and power in the West and in particular American power which is of course based on the silly notion that there must be growth in the economy in order for said economy to be deemed successful requiring further destruction of our collective natural resourses denying the healthy nourishment of all life on this planet is now of course instituted on a global scale causing the collapse of the real economy globally, the ability of this planet and all life on it to continually renew itself and provide a bounty for all life on this planet to benefit from.

The very economy that we all participate and depend on to pay our bills is not just destroying our children's and our grandchildren's future, it is now destroying us and our personal economic futures. Not just in the form of toxic pollution causing widespread illness and terminal cancer that kills over 2 million people in America annually creating the present day health crisis in the economy. Nay, now we can look forward to millions dying as a direct result of global warming caused directly by the very economy we all depend on for our livelihoods.

In 1937 without any thought of the consequences of changing the manufacture of paper from farm produced products such as hemp, flacks and cotton the U.S. Congress in siding with William Randolph Hearst, America's News and Information dictator of the day, who owned over a hundred newspapers across America, created the Marijuana Tax Act which was designed to put the farmer out of the business of supplying farm products to paper manufacturers. Using Reefers Madness as a smoke screen Congress and President Roosevelt shifted that business to the "suffering" logging industry who began to pulp old-growth forests into paper products bleached with chlorine so that their product presentation would be lily white while at the same spreading those wonderful side effects far and wide as we all grew up wiping our asses and viginas with dioxin laden toilet paper, prostate, utiris and ovarian cancer.

This singled move to wood fiber or pulp for the manufacture of paper not only created the world's worst chemical pollution problem by directly dumping the dioxin created in the paper bleaching process into lakes, rivers and the world's oceans wiping out vast amounts of plants and animals as it went but also led to the cutting down over 50 percent of the world's forests for sole production of paper. Creating the single largest componant of Global Warming, Deforestation. If we had the forests we had 200 years ago global temperatures would be reasonably stable.

Paper! Paper to write the laws that maintain the contracts, the deeds, the mortgages, the rental agreements and the paychecks and the world's greatest paper chase Stocks and Bonds that have locked all of us into an economic dictatorship controlled by the top 10 percent of our society.

The deforestation caused by the manufacture of paper and the ridiculous and indiscriminate use of wood products in the construction of homes has led to permanent drought conditions in the Rocky Mountains and the great plains. Forests and underbrush that used to capture the moisture and hold it in American Water tables keeping the water supply fit and healthy are gone. Another terrible side effect of Deforestation through clear cutting is the runoff of rain water and as a result the erosion of top soil more directly and more immediately into the world's oceans. As this fresh water supply is no longer captured and held by forests and along with the soil particulates is causing the desalination and the trapping of the suns heat in the oceans crippling the ocean currents or the deep ocean conveyor from continuing to regulate and maintain moderate ocean temperatures conducive to the production of all forms of life on this planet.

The monopolistic switch from farm products to wood fiber products for the manufacture of paper came on the heels of another grand American economic monopolistic move. In the 1800's a modest oil lamp business was created in America that led John D. Rockefeller to not only get involved but to one day control in a grand monopoly the entire industry. This monopoly was called Standard Oil. That business derived its raw resource from bitumen or crude oil that had been found to be gurgling out of the ground for millions of years but was yet to be manipulated as coal was and is to this day. Not only did John D. Rockefeller and his business partners create a perfect lamp oil monopoly but later created the gasoline and fuel oil monopoly just as the coal mining companies in the period prior created a steam locomotion monopoly, home heating monopoly and in later period an electrical generation monopoly that is still with us today.

The result of this simple decision to put cars, Navys, cargo ships, trains and planes in the oil monopoly in the 20th-century in combination with the continued use of coal in the production of electricity is that we have placed billions and billions of tons of aerosol particulates and carbon dioxide into an atmosphere that then distributed those particulates in large part to the polar caps and to mountain top glaciers. All combined have trapped enough heat from the sun into the atmosphere, oceans, glaciers and ice packs to cause a radical reduction of the ice packs at the the Earth's poles, the radical melting off of stored fresh water resources in mountain glacier ice causing further desalination and immediate disruption to ocean currents and therefore to atmospheric currents. As a result, we are experiencing the creation of the Super Storms like Katrina that are now taking large and even crippling bites out of the economy that we are all dependent upon to pay our bills. This summer saw temperatures in the equatorial Atlantic ocean rise radically creating the very conditions for a category 5 huricane. Temperatures created by the slowing of the Atlantic current or deep ocean conveyer to 14% of its normal capacity.

In the Pacific Ocean, deep current interruption may have changed temperatures in the North Pacific so much that winds that normally drive the warm surface water to the equator line did not show up this spring and summer. The result of this was a stall in the flow of colder water from the bottom of the North Pacific toward the surface severely debilitating the production of phytoplankton. This in turn caused the collapse of the zoo plankton that almost every species in the Pacific Ocean is dependent on as food and that feeds other species food supply severely affecting the entire food chain from salmon to whales and to the point where thousands upon thousands of dead cormorants washed up on North American Pacific beaches. In July this year temperatures recorded off the coast of Oregon were 10 degrees higher than normal.

Another consequence of all this freshwater from the melting polar caps, the mountain top glaciers and the uncaptured runoff of rain fall into the oceans is the rise of those very oceans above levels a naturally maintained ocean and atmosphere provide and the pressure of the added weight on undersea fault lines in the tectonic plates. That added weight placed in our oceans may have been behind the 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake that led to over 100,000 people being wiped out by the ensuing tsunami last December. The Pacific Ocean has risen so much so that the populations of the Atol islands are losing cropland as a result saltwater seeping up into the soil. What it is going to happen in the Atlantic Ocean to the Atlantic rift? Will the fault lines that come directly into the Eastern Seaboard of the continental United States devastate the most populous region of America?

One thing Americans and Westerners can truly count on is that the economic fascism that the West is demanding be followed by the rest of the world and be led by Europeans and Americans will be destroyed in the coming brief years by the consequences put in place by the very construct of Western economic fascism, Deforestation, Global Warming and Climate Change.

A thousand of super storms and the droughts they create by their simple existance have come and gone in the last twenty years slowly cutting down the might of the western economic dictatorship that the rest of the world has sucumb to. There are a thousand yet to come even bigger and more powerful than Katrina along with other related catastrophes. Will you continue to follow the present ruling elite into that future? Or will we tax the wealth that allows them to be aloof to the suffering of the rest of us? Will we truly end the power of present day economic royalty to save our selves? Will we institute true democracy?

The only thing that can lesson the consequences of our plight on this beautiful planet is true democracy and by that I mean the total democratization of the economy so that Americans and the populations around the world can have the time away from work to calm down and trancend our present collective reality enough to make the changes to save our collective asses.

The ruling elite's strategy is clear. To secure the global strategic oil supply in order to control militarily where and how the world's poorest two thirds will starve to death, drown or secumb to desease as a result of the collapse of the global fresh water and food supply directly caused by Deforestation, Global Warming and Climate Change. In other words, power at the end of a barrel of a gun.

I know we can do better than that and we that live in America must do it first. We must democratize America's economy. To do this we must secure America's ballot boxes by instituting a precinct third party observed and hand counted paper ballot. We must launch mass protests to demand democracy and even threaten to destroy with baseball bats and hockey sticks (I'm a Canadian immigrant) the Electronic Jim Crow Vote stealing Machines that have stolen our most recent elections.

We must fight for democracy as though we were fighting for our lives because in the present day reality of Deforestation, Global Warming and Climate Change we are fighting for our lives and all life on this planet.


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