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corporate dominance | katrina aftermath

New Orleans - Top 10 Conservative Idiots - scandal

Hurricane katrina Natural disaster made worse through lack of Bush Federal funding to levees. A hurricane became a flood and more lives were lost. Poverty meant the hard working, minimum wage low paid workers and vulnerable people of New Orleans could not afford to save their lives by leaving town.
Inbreeding and Bush nepotism creates disasters.

Not have experience, not intelligent, don't know what to do? Don't worry if you're a friend of George Bush or the Republican elite, you too can earn lots of money and get rich.

The devil takes lives through greed, corruption and penny pinching. Government and corporate legalized stealing from the people to pay the rich.

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Top 10 Idiots
George W. Bush
Michael Brown - close male friend
Barbara Bush
Dick Cheney
Michael Holdener
Tom DeLay
Dick Morris
Rush Limbaugh
Kooks like Pat Robertson (clearly without Christian values like "Thou shalt not kill", but is still rich on it)

Shows how uncaring Bush Halliburton & Co are.
If George Bush had spent the money on levees it wouldn't have cost the American Government much now?

Global warming won't be New Orleans city and half a million people's homes destroyed. George Bush with links to the Bin Laden family, Saudi Government (fourth largest weapons buyers in the world, the USA sells the most), and large multi-national oil companies, did NOT sign the Kyoto Agreement on climate change. Bush's neo-con government could cause more ecological disasters.

And who will get the Government contracts? George Bush, Cheney and cronies. If they don't have shares in the contract companies you can bet that their family or friends have. They get rich on human misery.

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