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Spike Lee & Eddie Murphy Incognito Inside New Orleans! Rich or Black to Blame?

Rumors are swelling that Spike Lee and Eddie Murphy have snuck into New Orleans with a camera crew to document what is really happening in the historic flooded city. One source even went on to say that Eddie Murphy boasted about talking to Geraldo Rivera without him even knowing it!
Fed up with the "bs" surrounding media coverage of New Orleans and Bush Administration failures, Spike Lee and Eddie Murphy reportedly flew into Memphis with a team of body guards and camera men (all but one being African-American) to document what they consider a national disgrace. Footage taken so far includes one Louisiana State Policeman saying, "Oh, Eddie Murphy, sorry you got caught up in all this. Can I have your autograph for my son?"

As the hypocrisy of race and the reaction in New Orleans gains international attention, so has response to Spike Lee's call for action in New Orleans. African-American athletic stars may join the call with such greats as Michael Jordan and Jim Brown offering to sneak into the Big Easy and participate in the secretive Lee documentary.
cool. 14.Sep.2005 08:24


So, where is Oprah?

Let them focus on where it failed 13.Oct.2005 07:37

Glenn Chaisson gc1@att.net

Let them focus on Blanco and Nagin. They need to get off Bush's ass, he's got his hands full already. The people to blame for the slow response are the elected officials who we're more than likely put in place by the ninth ward. All that's going to come out of this documentary is a biased black persons perspective of how white government officials don't give a rats ass about lazy black wellfare grabbing drug addicts from the slums of New Orleans. You know what they always say "If you can't say anything good----shut the hell up!

Santa Fe, TX.

We have snakes among us 14.Oct.2005 09:08

Brown Brahma stanleybull@prodigy.net

We are missing the mark when we say the levees were sabotaged to run BLAKS out of New Orleans. Too often we play the race card and it's getting old! These guys are just plain greedy! Where is the profit in getting rid of blacks? We are the greatest consumers in the country! I'm not saying that race was not a factor in the decision making on behalf of the "government". But consider this, Bush is in his second term as president, which means he can do almost anything and it would be very hard to stop him. He has yet to pay back all of his supporters who stole the elections for him. He can screw us for 3 more years then run off and hide in the Texas desert for the rest of his life.
Certain parties in the administration were already working behind the scenes on a plan to reimburse their supporters, of which Halliburton is in membership. Halliburton's payback began in Iraq when they were awarded the contract to rebuild there. Then along comes Katrina. Wow, what a perfect opportunity to award more pork barrel contracts under the guise of a natural disaster. It just so happens that the area where the levee "broke" was in the poorest area of town. I say "broke" because there is still speculation that the levee was sabotaged. What ever happened to the 5 or 6 "contract workers" that New Orleans police shot and killed? Were they really contract workers or were they saboteurs? What ever happened to the policemen who were involved in the shootings?

These crooks pushed through legislation for "No Bid" contracts of up to $25,000. Those contracts are guaranteed the $25,000 PLUS materials which can be purchased using a government credit card. Who is doing the reconciliation and making sure we are not being charged $8,000 for a toilet seat? Did you know that a subsidiary of Halliburton has been awarded many of these contracts in New Orleans while many local construction companies have been frozen out of the rebuilding process? Halliburton also does not have the best record for completing their projects on time which run into cost over-runs which you and I pay for.

This administration banks on the fact that we as American people have a heart and are very emotional. In the face of a disaster we won't question the reason for exorbitant expenditures. Just allow them to do whatever they want. When Barbara Lee recognized the game and stood up against. We called her a traitor and made her life miserable for doing her job correctly. I wouldn't put it past this administration to have allowed 9-11 to play on our emotions to get the power they needed to invade Iraq.
They keep telling us we don't have money for education, but they can go out and find billions of dollars from somewhere to guarantee the rebuilding of New Orleans and the other areas hit by Katrina. That's a good thing, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself "Where is this money coming from?"
If you personally don't have money, where do you get it from? You borrow it! Who are we borrowing money from? When you borrow, you then OWE, which means you lose some of your power! If you owe the bank for your house, you can't just sell it without paying the bank their portion! Who are we borrowing from? Have you noticed that everything seems to be "Made in China"?

Correction 14.Oct.2005 09:14

Brown Brahma stanleybull@prodigy.net

Correction, those contracts are $250,000!

Dave Chappelle and Eddy Murphy? 20.Dec.2005 17:09


Serious question. I just got done reading this about Dave Chappelle

I'm piqued. This all sounds pretty crazy. But it also reminds me of some rumors awhile back about Eddie Murphy, body guards and possible paranoia.

Now, I know that people can, and sometimes do, behave in the way this anon reporter describes these "Dark Crusaders" behaving. But I'm not convinced one way or the other about the veracity of these stories. Anybody got any suggestions as to where one might look for information to shed some light on this question?

As for Murphy and Lee doing a documentary on NOLA? I'd pay to see it. Everybody's got their biases, prejudices and blinds spots. All of us have, bar none. But not everybody's got the eye and the brilliance those two have. Besides, who wouldn't pony up a buck or three just to see Jeraldo get punked?