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Estacada Peace Gathering

Some dedicated people gathered in Estacada today.
We attended a small but dedicated gathering for Peace in Estacada this afternoon. There were 70 to 80 people in attendance, which is pretty astonishing for a little town like Estacada. Several speeches were given and a reading of a poem written by Casey Sheehan's sister which was very moving. Lloyd Marbet also spoke. There was music and companionship and a parade through town to be followed by a candlelight vigil this evening. No riot suited police were observed!
pictures 24.Sep.2005 17:47

red tree

I tried to attach a couple of pictures, but messed up. Here is another (last) try.

Letter from Dennis Kuzinich 29.Sep.2005 21:07


Here are a couple more pictures from the wonderful event. The Estacada peace community did a great job organizing it, and even received a letter from Dennis Kuzinich to read. He was invited but couldn't attend.