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The Screaming Universe

Even the weapons are screaming and they are all saying the same thing. 'Get to fuck out of here'.
We all have innate intelligence. We learn to listen to the enviornment because the universe speaks directly to us. As children we have both innate knowledge and the ability to 'listen' to the enviornment. If we touch something hot, we learn very directly not to do it again. That language is beyond conceptual learning. It is not privy to certain species. It is more primordial than speaking.

For millions of years we have survived because our primordial intelligence demands that we avoid danger. We do our best. We see danger THAT way and so we will go THIS way.

You are a young man and have had a pretty good life ~ suburbs and lots of virtual danger on computers or televisions. But life is pretty soft and the future's looking pretty good.

Suddenly you find yourself in an enviornment where real death is happening randomly all around you. Strangers speak a foriegn language and you don't know whether the friendly ones will blow themselves up just to kill you - you are hated that much. A bullet, a rocket propelled grenade, a bomb can snuff you out at any minute and it is happening to your comrades everyday.The fear has become so overwhelming that you are shooting children, women, your comrades, because you are beyond fear - you are in a state of hyper-fear.

Millions of years of primordial intelligence are screaming, "get to fuck out of here", and your humanness, your need for social acceptance in holding you in place. Deserters are not welcome in the family. But still, your primordial intelligence continues to scream. And as it screams small children scream with limbs blown off, mothers scream as they watch their babies die, babies that you and your comrades killed because you are in hyper-fear. And your friends are screaming at Arabs and Arabs are screaming at you. Everybody is screaming including the deepest depths of yourself. Even the weapons are screaming and they are all saying the same thing. 'Get to fuck out of here'.

If you make it back people will not understand you and you won't understand them. You are alienated from people that only experience virtual fear on video-games and war movies. Something deep, deep inside has moved.

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fear 26.Sep.2005 13:02


This is the most excellant post I have ever read on this mostly worthless site. I had hoped during the 90's when I was raising my kids that their generation could somehow be spared exposure to this very scene described so accurately in your post. the part of US history that most disturbs me is the blatant denial of who we really are as a nation. The tongue in cheek moralisms etc. . .

I drove to work today to earn money to be stolen by a totally corrupt government to be used to murder people to keep our country great. There is no other bottom line to what we do here either. If you pay taxes you contribute to it as an act of your own our own my own will and my own personal choice to continue it. I have a choice. Nobody physically forced me to participate in this. I contribute because I contribute. The 65k is nice too.

If peoples lives suck, and if they look forward to death.
What good does it do to threaten to kill them?

The 'homeless' people are actually as much a hero as say, Lance Strongarm.

Why then do we bash our only hope which the moneyless practice almost religiously. . . .that hope being to BUY NOTHING.

So who has actually given up fighting for their personal freedom?
Who is the real hero?