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Will there be enough jack boots?

As the people in the mill towns and the suburbs finally wake, will there be enough jack boots and knike swooshes to go around, or will the troops awaken, as they did in so much of the Soviet "union," as it all came apart in their hands?
This weekend as we watched, and the corporate media did it's best to ignore, Amerika woke up. Not the city, not here in Little Beirut, but out there-in the mill towns, in little Estacada, and places like Estacada, that is where the difference is finally being noticed. When they have to spread out the jack booted thugs to cover all of the demonstrations and all of the resistance, when smaller towns refuse to support the larger ones, and when the thinking ones among the thugs, the ones who remember why they became police, national guard and such (to protect and to serve, remember?), and refuse to be a part of the problem any longer, then the tide will turn.

Many of us can remember how hopeless it seemed back in Lyndon's war, but finally some sense did prevail, and there were not enough thugs to hold back the tide.

Will there be enough jackboots? 26.Sep.2005 11:45

a useless eater