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The Recruiter

A cartoon about Wanton waste from Dirtworshiping Heathens Sketchbook...
(1)Recruiter. So look kid its just you and your mother right?, you going to college?,
How you gonna get the money ?,... Look, help out your country and yourself at the same time. Its better than flippen burgers. I signed up those
buddies of yours yesterday, be nice if you can all go together. We Got a big enlistment bonus' to offer and we well help you out with school as well....
Your pals are buying cars, you got a car kid ?.

Kid thinking. I could get a new car with that kinda coin. Help out ma too.. Don't want be the dude Bagging grocerys when my buds defending the country might all come home heroes.
Kid, What kind of deal can you get me Sarge ?.

(2)1 Month later.
Well I am going over there, Don't know Iraq Or Afghanistan maybe.
Killer hash over there. ...
Ma,s freakin out big time look at the window oh man!, just get in the
van with my buds.
Gotta go to basic before anything,its close to big city Maybe get laid finaly. Got my car its sweet be waiten there when I get back Ma she cant drive a stick...NO No pepper stay! go lay down, you cant go this time.
(3) 9 Months later
A few day after the Mother got the bad news

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