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what Bush is thinking
Imagine for a moment that you could actually "speak" with Geo. Bush. Contact him directly. Think with him. Probe his motivations, telepath his emotions, follow his daily routines, inquire into his perceptions. What then?
Consider first Bush's ability to make decisions. Does he do that? Rational thinking required, historic conceptualization, a need to be informed. On what does Bush base his rationale? People who have tried to analyze Bush by gesture and appearance see flashes of emotional instability. Rage. An inability to stay for too long in the public eye.
Imagine that you are a Telepath. A conduit of energy and information. What is Bush looking for "in" you? A link to reality? A source? A host? (i.e. the primary concern for demonic type possesion)..
Or suppose Bush has a number of "hosts" That beyond the "think tank" scenario are any number of people the Bush Administration "probes" for their intellects. Their energies. Their own connections. Isn't this the reality behind places like Guantanamo? Washington "DC"?
WHY go on in this MENTAL STATE?????
I think what we should consider when looking into Bush, his weaknesses and strengths (unfortunately he does have some strength-by now the entire US Military are his personal possession) is whether we can afford to continue to deal with him. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING you can say to Bush is heard by him. Why protest to Bush? A waste of time is a waste of time is a waste of time.
Bush must surely be the imbecile of a mutated sore; a left over from a era that is actually PAST. The Nazi's. The Fascists. The Neo-Racists. All of it. WE HAVE SURPASSED it.
Bush's administration is an illusion.
Bush's power is an illusion.
ANYONE can out think Bush
Anyone can go on without him

This country can go on without Bush. The military cannot supercede American Law. Bush does that. The military have no mental strength. They are automated. Someone needs to take the switch away from Bush.
I have probed Bush's mind. It is vacant. Somewhat sociopathic. Paranoid. Immature. Unable to see realities. Mysogenist. It is a mess. He needs a mother.
The clock is ticking.
Unite and Untie the lock